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  The Betting Scandal

The King Commission transcripts
Hansie Cronje's confession
Hansie Cronje's cross examination
Marlon Aronstam's cross examination
Hamid Cassim's cross examination
Pat Symcox's cross examination
Dr. Lewis' cross examination (Cronje's psychiatrist)

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Chat Transcripts


Enquiry ordered into Australian cricket graft
Waugh and Warne find support in Australian side
We were naive, stupid admit Waugh, Warne
Prabhakar didn't tell me who fixed the match, says Dalmiya
BCCI files case against Prabhakar
Dungarpur mum on Chandrachud report
No names to be named in Chandrachud report
Not proven!
Scandal Sheet
Calcutta police bust betting racket
Tendulkar rubbishes match-fixing allegations
Indian players to sue Outlook
Sohail willing to go before Chandrachud committee
'I have not seen any evidence of betting, bribery and match-fixing'
Prabhakar refuses to finger player as Chandrachud begins probe into betting scandal
Chandrachud gets his brief
"The terms of reference must be made public"
Sound and fury, signifying nothing
'I would like to do something for cricket, and the country'
Chandrachud Commission to probe cricket scam
Bribery scandal: Prabhakar asked to reveal names
'Sharjah is the Mecca of bookies'
Caught in the slips!
Cash and carry -- the story of betting in the capital
'I was offered Rs 2.5 million to sabotage a match!'
The feline is out of the bag

Chat Transcripts :

Arun Jaitley
ACP Rishi Pal
Sunil Dev
B S Brar
N K P Salve
I S Bindra


'It is apparent that Dalmiya's friend got a profit out of the deal'- Arun Agarwal

"Can you risk Tendulkar getting permanently injured because you don't want to spend a few extra rupees?'- Inderjit Singh Bindra

''The players are not involved in match-fixing. I wish I could say the same for the administrators'- Inderjit Singh Bindra

'Why should I offer this kind of money to two players for throwing away a match when there are 11 people in the side?'- Aushim Khetrapal

'I will reveal the names to the CBI!'- Manoj Prabhakar

'Tell me, where is it match-fixing does not happen?'-Col Rafi Nasim

'I told Dalmiya either Azhar's wife leaves or I leave'- Sunil Dev

No army can have two generals -Sunil Dev

'Sharjah is the mecca of bookies'-Manoj Prabhakar