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The Seshadri Chari Chat

The editor of Organiser found a huge community of supporters, and a small group of hostiles, awaiting him online. But even his backers had their complaints about the BJP and others. He left promising to be back soon and that his own publication would soon be the Net.

Mr Seshadri Chari (Mon Feb 9 1998 8:1 IST)
Greetings to everybody. I am here to answer your questions.

Shanti Singh (Mon Feb 9 1998 7:28 IST)
Hello Mr Seshadri Chari, Sir, what is the truth about the allegation that Vajpayee was a police informer during the Quit India movement?

Mr Seshadri Chari (Mon Feb 9 1998 8:4 IST)
Shanti Singh: There is no truth in the allegation that Mr. Vajpayee was a police informer. Mr. Vajpayee as well as the BJP and also the earlier avtar of the BJP, the Jan Sangh had denied this allegation. Even those who have been making these baseless allegations have withdrawn gradually. It is however surprising that only during elections such a canard is being spread.

Govind Verma (Mon Feb 9 1998 7:29 IST)
Mr Seshadri Chari if the BJP is kept out of office, will it go back to its hardline days?

Mr Seshadri Chari (Mon Feb 9 1998 8:7 IST)
Govind Verma: To begin with let me assure you that there is nothing like hard line and soft line as far as BJP is concerned. There is only one line and that is the nationalist line. BJP stands committed to India, the interest of India and the well-being of all Indians. What we read and hear about hard line and soft line is nothing but differences in perceptions of those who analyse BJP and Indian politics with just the present in mind.

RAJ SINGH (Mon Feb 9 1998 7:40 IST)
Don't you think that Govindacharya calling Vajpayee a Mukhota is absolutely right? Isn't he just a grandiloquent showpiece for the party which gained in terms of seats, power and reach only through Advani's brazen Hindutva agenda?

Mr Seshadri Chari (Mon Feb 9 1998 8:22 IST)
Raj Singh: As far as the question of Mukhota (mask) is concerned Mr. Govindachary has made his position very clear. It was in an informal chat that he said something in Hindi which the person concerned could neither understand nor report correctly. Anyway a clarification to this effect was issued and the matter should be treated as over.

Vajapyeeji has been in Indian politics even before the partition days. He is not new to parliamentary democracy either. He is one of the most respected statesmen in Indian politics. Parliament heres his speeches in pin drop silence. He draws admiration from friends and foes alike. Nay, you can say he has no enemies. He is an ajathashatru in Indian politics.

Moreover this is not the first time Atalji is being projected as the prospective Prime Minister. Therefore the question of he being only a show piece etc. can at best be dismissed as a figment of imagination of a few BJP's detractors. It is unfortunate that unable to project a leader and themselves being in a loosing position some of those in the anti-BJP camp are resorting more and more to a vilification campaign on the lines of the fascists.

Coming to the question of "Advani's Hinduism." The BJP has being pursuing a consistent policy since its inception it has never made compromises with its principles. Nor has it changed or deviated from its principles for the sake of political expediency. No doubt there have been shifts in policy.

One should see the subtle difference between principles and policies. So whatever victory the BJP has achieved so far is the result of the consistency in principles, the ability of the leadership and the hard work of the cadre.

Mohan Prasad (Mon Feb 9 1998 7:42 IST)
If BJP comes to power won't Rajju Bhaiyya and you guys ruling the country through the remote control like Bal Thackeray does in Maharashtra?

Mr Seshadri Chari (Mon Feb 9 1998 8:25 IST)
Mohan Prasad: RSS does not believe in controlling through remote control. RSS is a non political organisation. Swayam sevaks working in various fields in the society do so on their own with a commitment to the nation. Therefore there is no question of any remote control.

Jaya (Mon Feb 9 1998 7:47 IST)
Hi Mr Chari, assuming the BJP were to come to power at the centre, will the Vajpayee ministry be the same as his 13-day experiment?

Jaya (Mon Feb 9 1998 7:56 IST)
Sir, since we have seen how much Jagmohan contributed to the escalation of the Kashmir problem when he was governor in 1989, will the BJP government once again set the clock back in the valley?

Mr Seshadri Chari (Mon Feb 9 1998 8:35 IST)
Jaya: The 13-day BJP government led by Vajpayeeji was no doubt a unique experiment in itself. The experiment gave strength to the party as well as to the democratic process in the country. It also showed beyond doubt that BJP is a party with a difference.

Your next question: The BJP is proud of the fact that, in spite of great provocation and a virtual proxy war, the people of Kashmir have reiterated their confidence not only in democracy but also expressed in unequivocal terms that Jammu & Kashmir, including Pak-Occupied Kashmir (POK), is an integral part of India.

As Governor of J&K, Mr. Jagmohan did an excellent work in upholding the interests of India and breaking the back of terrorism and insurgency sponsored by forces inimical to the interest to India. There is reason for the Hindus all over the world to be proud of what Jagmohan did in the valley.

Lalit (Mon Feb 9 1998 7:57 IST)
Sir, how representative of India is the BJP, which does not have a presence at least in one-third of the country?And, erely winning one seat in TN or Kerala, how will that alter this basic fact that the BJP is not representative of the nation?

Mr Seshadri Chari (Mon Feb 9 1998 8:39 IST)
Lalit: Representation in Parliament or for that matter in any legislative assembly alone cannot be treated as a factor of being representative in character. BJP reflects the hopes and aspirations, shares the grief and joy, pain and pleasure of every individual in this country. Its principles and policies reflect the whole country. That is why the BJP believes in the dictum one people, one nation, one culture. Besides, this election will see BJP duly represented in all the states.

Polly Umrivigar (Mon Feb 9 1998 8:37 IST)
Mr Chari the BJP's claim that it will make N-weapons if it comes to power, has set off reactions in the US of A. Do you think we really can make the weapons?

Mr Seshadri Chari (Mon Feb 9 1998 8:43 IST)
Polly Umrivigar: The BJP believes in a strong India. We can afford to skip the nuclear option only at our own peril. The BJP manifesto is very clear on the nuclear policy and the BJP stands committed to it. The reported statement by the US envoy in India is unfortunate. It does not behove of a person of an ambassador's stature to dabble in the internal affairs of India. The US should also realise that India is not a mere market. It is a country with tradition, history and a purpose.

SavitaS (Mon Feb 9 1998 8:28 IST)
Seshadriji my question regards a historian named Shri P.N. Oak, who has proven through his conclusive and factual research that many historical Muslim buildings are built on Hindu temples. Have you ever read any of P.N. Oak's books?

Mr Seshadri Chari (Mon Feb 9 1998 8:46 IST)
SAvita: I have read books by Mr. P.N. Oak. I admire his courage to stand by truth. He regularly writes for Organiser.

Kannan (Mon Feb 9 1998 8:48 IST)
Seshadriji When is "Organiser" likely to go Online with its own home page?

Mr Seshadri Chari (Mon Feb 9 1998 8:50 IST)
Kannan: With the blessings and co-operation of all of you --- very soon.

Urvashi (Mon Feb 9 1998 8:45 IST)
Good evening sir, it is a matter of historical record where the Scindias' loyalty lay during the sepoy mutiny. Yet your party is unable to target Madhavrao only because his mother is in your ranks, right?

Mr Seshadri Chari (Mon Feb 9 1998 8:49 IST)
Urvashi: The Scindia family's contribution to the freedom movement and the the social development is considerable. There is no truth in the allegation about the family's anti-Sepoy mutiny stand. However her recent book might be of some interest to you.

Mandirwala (Mon Feb 9 1998 8:50 IST)
Mr Chari your party has put the common civil code, one of its main policies, on the backburner. Does it mean that the BJP has abandoned this belief for the sake of a few Muslim votes?

Mr Seshadri Chari (Mon Feb 9 1998 8:52 IST)
Mandirwala: The question of the uniform civil code is dealt with in the BJP manifesto.

Mandirwala (Mon Feb 9 1998 8:45 IST)
Sir, Mr Advani today has admitted that Sonia Gandhi is making waves. What is your impression of her campaign?

Mr Seshadri Chari (Mon Feb 9 1998 9:1 IST)
Mandirwala: I do not have the details of the press conference yet. Any way a section of the press is certainly trying to project Shrimati Sonia Gandhi as a successful campaigner for the Congress. The election results will prove that the crowd that she is believed to be drawing is not only negligible but also incapable of being transformed into votes.

It is surprising that while Shrimati Sonia Gandhi has not made her position clear with regard to many important questions, the Congress party has also not cared to provide her the necessary background on various questions agitating the minds of the people. Actually the differences in the Congress party and the resentment in the party about the "take over" will surface after the elections.

Ilk (Mon Feb 9 1998 8:52 IST)
Hullo Mr Chari do you really expect the Muslims to vote for your party? why should they? What is different about the party of mosque-breakers now?

Mr Seshadri Chari (Mon Feb 9 1998 9:10 IST)
Ilk: There is no party in India called mosque-breakers. Incidentally if you are referring to Ayodhya, here is what one of the former Prime Ministers (V.P. Singh) said: "Yahan tho masjid hai hi kahan?" Meaning there is no mosque here.

I wish you read the writings of Giri Lal Jain, Arun Shourie, Koenrad Elst and such others. It is unfortunate that the Congress and its offshoot parties like the Janata Dal etc and the so called classless leftists have been treating Muslims not as equal citizens of this country but as vote-banks.

The BJP believes in justice for all and appeasement of none. In the changed socila and political atmosphere it is heartening to note that a large section of Muslims are jettisoning their traditional fears and apprehensions and coming out to support the BJP.

Advani (Mon Feb 9 1998 9:2 IST)
Dear Chari: I am not the real Advani. But I happen to be an NRI settled in the US. I am also proud of being an Advani. Thank you for chatting with Indians overseas....

Mr Seshadri Chari (Mon Feb 9 1998 9:14 IST)
Advani: Nice to be chatting with a namesake of Advaniji. We hope to interact more often in future.

nami (Mon Feb 9 1998 8:51 IST)
Many people are wondering at the tie up of BJP with the (in)famous Jayalalitha. Will this weaken BJP's popularity?

Mr Seshadri Chari (Mon Feb 9 1998 9:21 IST)
Nami: A tie-up with Jayalalitha will not weaken the BJP in any way. With BJP opening its account in the south it will provide an opportunity for the south to be in mainstream politics once again re-living its pre-independence fervour.

nami (Mon Feb 9 1998 9:1 IST)
The RSS has been such a controversial organisation down the ages. Are you still harassed by undeserving criticism? Since the Emergency there has been a little hesitation to openly link up with it. Is it still true?

Mr Seshadri Chari (Mon Feb 9 1998 9:19 IST)
Nami: During the Emergency (1975-77) the then Sarsanghchalak of the RSS used to say that Emergency would take RSS 20 years ahead. In 1998 with only two more years to this century RSS is not only in the centre-stage of Indian society, it is engaged in the task of providing the infrastructure for a new and resurgent India.

arjun (Mon Feb 9 1998 8:52 IST)
I think we never get a leader like Vajpayee for generations... Why are such people not there in India anymore? I very much desire to see Vajpayee as PM of INDIA--the post which he deserves. I know only RSS can only make such type of persons --so dedicated and determined... One question:: Is bachelorship is responsible for more dedication and determination... because no obligation --Is it true ?

Mr Seshadri Chari (Mon Feb 9 1998 9:26 IST)
Arjun: Thank you for your best wishes. The RSS has thousands of pracharaks toiling day and night for a goal dear to their heart. But there are millions of householders who are equally dedicated disciplined and engaged in man-making and nation building mission.

arjun (Mon Feb 9 1998 9:23 IST)
Can you elaborate on the Gandhi assassination case? If you see the Gandhi movie it is shown a old guy with Godse. Who is that guy?

Mr Seshadri Chari (Mon Feb 9 1998 9:29 IST)
Arjun: We need to go into many details regarding the unfortunate assassination of Mahatma Gandhi. I would like to treat this subject exclusively some other time.

Mr Seshadri Chari (Mon Feb 9 1998 9:31 IST)
Hello everybody thank you very much for spending time with me. I promise to join you on Rediff Election Results Day Chats. Best wishes.

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