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Questions Seshadri Chari didn't answer

Kannan (Mon Feb 9 1998 8:5 IST)
How effective has been the state governments of BJP in improving quality of people's life - in terms of providing a corruption free government and basic necessities. Are you convinced about BJP's national economic policy including trade and fiscal policy?

Mouthpiece (Mon Feb 9 1998 8:8 IST)
Sir, as editor, do you also condone what happened in Uttar Pradesh and Gujarat earlier?

Radhika M (Mon Feb 9 1998 8:9 IST)
Mr Chari isn't it true that the BJP's high moral platform was possible when in the opposition, and that power has corrupted it like it did the Congress?

Savita (Mon Feb 9 1998 8:9 IST)
Namastey Shri Seshadri, I would like to know if you have read any books by Shri P.N. Oak

Jamshed Shah (Mon Feb 9 1998 8:10 IST)
Sir, what do you think should be the first thing that the BJP government to do?

Shalini Verma (Mon Feb 9 1998 8:14 IST)
Mr Chari please answer, what do you think will happen if once again the opposition gangs up and denies the BJP power?

SavitaS (Mon Feb 9 1998 8:17 IST)
Shri Chari, do you believe the BJP has compromised its Hindutva policy for the sake of political expediency?

SavitaS (Mon Feb 9 1998 8:19 IST)
Has anyone read books by P.N. Oak?

ANIL (Mon Feb 9 1998 8:19 IST)
Mr Seshadri Chari if the BJP is kept out of office, will it go back to its hardline days?

ANIL (Mon Feb 9 1998 8:20 IST)

SavitaS (Mon Feb 9 1998 8:22 IST)
Anil, he is a historian who has proved through his research that Taj Mahal was a Hindu Temple of the Rajputs.

Polly Umrivigar (Mon Feb 9 1998 8:22 IST)
Sir, since we have seen how much Jagmohan contributed to the escalation of the Kashmir problem when he was governor in 1989, will the BJP government once again set the clock back in the valley?

Kannan (Mon Feb 9 1998 8:22 IST)
Seshadriji How do you envision the role of RSS in the 21st century in building a strong and successful India? Do you think the RSS has been keeping pace with changes in the mosaic of our society?

Polly Umrivigar (Mon Feb 9 1998 8:23 IST)
P N Oaks is a hoax

arjun (Mon Feb 9 1998 8:24 IST)
namaste Chariji, The top leadership of the BJP is very much committed than the lower levels. I can see the simplicity of the leaders like vajpayee or Advani .... but not the lower leader. For example an MlAs of BJP is living in very georgeous or highly prosperous...and you know where they got this money from

Ishaan (Mon Feb 9 1998 8:33 IST)
Namaste Chariji ! I wish to ask that once Sitaram Kesriji commented that RSS would never allow Atalji to run for PM. How is it that Atalji is the PM-In-Waiting ?

arjun (Mon Feb 9 1998 8:35 IST)
Chariji: I know RSS is very committed to Nation Building. But I can see politicians are using this cadre for their own selfish goals. Why dont you stop those persons from doing so...

Urvashi (Mon Feb 9 1998 8:38 IST)
Sir, since Advaniji was actually responsible for taking the BJP where it is today, how correct is it to project Vajpayeeji as pm?

nami (Mon Feb 9 1998 8:41 IST)

nami (Mon Feb 9 1998 8:46 IST)
what would be the role of RSS if BJP is fortunate enough to win the elections?

nami (Mon Feb 9 1998 8:50 IST)
Is Organiser available for subscription in the US?

nami (Mon Feb 9 1998 8:55 IST)
Every party however idealistic is saddled with unprincipled and corrupt people. How do you ensure these people do not tarnish the good image of BJP?

nami (Mon Feb 9 1998 8:56 IST)
Ilk in India there have been mosque breakers and temple breakers. Let us not get confused and start mud slinging! This platform should be used for intelligent questions

Ilk (Mon Feb 9 1998 8:58 IST)
Mr Chari as editor of Organiser, is yours the last word on its contents, or do you take orders from the Nagpur HQ?

sushil (Mon Feb 9 1998 9:3 IST)
Dear Mr Chari One more time do you really think that with seemingly contradictions in ideology & in its practise. your party will sustain for a long time.

nami (Mon Feb 9 1998 9:4 IST)
Will the BJP pursue the Bofors scam and bring the culprits to justice or will it die a 'natural death'? I think this scam has encouraged many multicrore scams because of the vested interest of the then Govt in not pursuing it.

sushil (Mon Feb 9 1998 9:7 IST)
well U.P is not an isolated case. Hypocrisy has now been manifested in the blood of BJP. I, a member of the RSS clan, am ashamed to have any association with hypocrites like the BJP.

nami (Mon Feb 9 1998 9:10 IST)
Has Chari left the chat room?

swarn (Mon Feb 9 1998 9:17 IST)
Hello Mr Seshadri Chari, Do you think BJP has changed it's stand from the initial soft one to Hindutva?

arjun (Mon Feb 9 1998 9:18 IST)
Chariji: will BJP maintain its ideals when it will be power?

Ilk (Mon Feb 9 1998 9:22 IST)
Hullo Mr Chari do you really expect the Muslims to vote for your party? Why should they? What is different about the party of mosque-breakers now?

nami (Mon Feb 9 1998 9:24 IST)
BJP at the centre backed by a committed organisation to support the structure would bring back the glory of our great motherland. It is heartening to see youngsters like you heading important organisations. Being far away from the election scene we may be ignorant of many issues. How many youngsters are in the BJP electoray fray?

sushil (Mon Feb 9 1998 9:25 IST)
Mr chari no matter how much you try to defend the BJP the truth is that BJP is no different than the current lot. Power Hungry, Opportunist Vultures. Just tomtomming on the non corrupt stand doesn't absolve you fr all the past & present misdeeds & dishonest intention.

sushil (Mon Feb 9 1998 9:29 IST)
Once again Mr.Chari You do not have any right to associate RSS with BJP. They are poles apart.Please refrain from any comments which allow BJP to gain from the reflected glory of RSS as they have lost the right.

rangeela (Mon Feb 9 1998 9:30 IST)
Hello Sir, What are your feeling about Sonia Gandhi, a foreigner. Do we still have a slavish mentality.

nami (Mon Feb 9 1998 9:31 IST)
Thank you for the patient answers Chari. All the best. Hope to meet you in person!

rangeela (Mon Feb 9 1998 9:31 IST)
Mr Sesh, Why has not the RSS been able to unite the Hindus.Cong has tried to divide them. Everybody has tried to divide them.No one tries to unite them. Is the normal Hindu psyche. They do not care till their house is on fire.

arjun (Mon Feb 9 1998 9:34 IST)
chariji: I am living in USA. I want to see India Strong and Prosperous. Can I see that before my death...What do you say...Please answer this question