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CBI experts to help decode CRB cipher

The Delhi high court on Wednesday directed the Central Bureau of Investigation to depute one or more of its representatives to help the two court-appointed officials in decoding the CRB group's records and computerised bank accounts.

The direction was given by Justice S N Kapoor on an oral application by the official liquidator's counsel V N Nair. Nair made the application after the official liquidator received a letter from the Reserve Bank of India directing him to defreeze Daewoo Motors' bank accounts.

The court had on June 16 appointed two senior bank officials, one from the RBI and the other from the Bank of Baroda, to decode the accounts of the CRB Capital Markets Ltd and its 40 associate companies. The officials were empowered to engage professional experts like chartered accountants, company secretaries and software experts to help them in the job.

The court directed that a report be filed before it on or before July 8.

On June 13, the court had passed an order freezing the CRB group's bank accounts.

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