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Rediff News  All News  » Wedding » 5 Things Every Mother Tells Her Daughter Who is Getting Married

5 Things Every Mother Tells Her Daughter Who is Getting Married

Last updated on: November 21, 2014 11:39 IST



There is nobody like our mommy dearest. Our moms dedicate most of their time in making our life easier but do not expect anything in return. However, Indian moms are way too dramatic especially those who have daughters. They want their daughters to a super woman before getting them married.

Here are the 5 things every mother tells her daughter who is tying the knot –


#1 Whenever she sees your old pictures -

“Haye Tu Kitni Moti Ho Gayi Hai - Shaadi Ke Din Kaisi Lagegi”

Lose weight

 You will hear atleast thrice a week that you need to lose weight even if you have not gained any weight. Thanks to the latest slimming equipments, you can now simply strap a slimming belt as it melts down the fat accumulated near your tummy. Whether you are wearing a lehenga or a saree, the slimming belt lets you flaunt your sexy belly on the D-day.


#2 Whenever she sees your wardrobe full of western outfits -

“Beta Thode Dhang ke Kapde Kharid Le- Kaam Aayenge Shaadi Ke Baad”


Traditional outfits

 Suddenly, your mom starts hating all the clothes you grew up wearing and wants you to transform your wardrobe with traditional outfits. Thanks to online shopping, you can choose from a range of kurtis, salwar kameez, anarkali suits and more. 


#3 When you are overly busy with your work life -

“Job Toh Chalta Rahega Beta- Khana Banana Sikh Le”



 The same mother who made you all the yummiest dishes will suddenly be critical of your dishes. Thanks to the latest food processors and roti makers, you can cook most food items quickly and effortlessly.


#4 When she sees you splurge money -

“Beta Thode Se Paisa Bachana Sikho”


 You don’t know but your online shopping habits are being watched. The mom who pampered you all this while will teach you the lessons of life like saving money and investing it wisely.


#5 On a Sunday Morning - 

"Aaj Thodi Si Safai Kar Le"



 After all, your mom wants you to be the ideal bahu. Thanks to the new-age cleaning equipments like a magic mop, cleaning the house is extremely easy.

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