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Dynacs Inc goes public
The global aerospace and software engineering firm aims high.

Govt may allow voice over Net phone soon
The government is favourably disposed towards allowing voice over Internet phone soon, Minister for Communications Ram Vilas Paswan said.

Banks, post offices may sell passport forms
The government said it viewed reports of alleged corruption in passport offices with 'utmost seriousness'.

Re sinks again to new low of 45.87/$
The Indian rupee extended losses against the dollar, falling to a record low on a combination of export cancellations and import demand.

US relaxes export curbs on computers
It now allows companies to sell much faster computer systems to 50 countries, including India and Pakistan

Indian team strikes deals at call center meet
At least three American firms have entered into strategic deals with Indian firms.

Rupee on threshold of a disastrous fall?
The indifference of the central bank to the current decline of the rupee will ensure the market that it is comfortable with the rupee's current level, says a forex analyst.

BSE eyes pacts with NYSE, NASDAQ
The exchanges are holding talks on having talks on having terminals in each others' bourses, said BSE president Anand Rathi.

InfoZen to build web site
President Raghu Rao describes the site, intended to offer federal information free, as 'Yahoo for the government'.

'US pursues double standards on labour'
Most economists feel that for labour-related affairs the appropriate forum is the International Labour Organisation, not the WTO, says economist Arvind Panagaria.

'US has hinted at lifting of sanctions'
The US has indicated that sanctions against India will be lifted before Vajpayee's visit in September, says Adish C Aggarwala, convener of Indian American Friendship Council.

Reliance is one of fastest-growing chemical firms
RIL is among the top five fastest-growing chemical companies in the world, according to an American Chemical Society survey.

Rupee slips to 45.03 per dollar
It breached the 45 per dollar level again on Monday, a little over a week after the RBI rescued it from its first dip past the mark.

India can become substantial steel exporter
Domestic demand in India has decreased, forcing steel producers there to export their products. And subsidisation has ensured a large overcapacity," said the US commerce department.

STPI to set up business centre in the US
It has set up a 'business support centre' in Silicon Valley to promote small and medium enterprises in the global marketplace.

'E-commerce, e-servicing set to boom in India'
'The e-service sector will bring more wealth to India with new models developing,' says Arjun Malhotra, chairman, TechSpan and HCL co-founder.

Indian tech entrepreneurs to meet
Institutional venture capitalists are also to attend the forum on July 29.

Gururaj Deshpande unveils India start-up
Along his Sycamore Networks, he has also roped in investments from the US-based ASG-Omni venture capital fund, and other angel investors.

Rupee fall has adjusted real exchange rate
Its recent fall against the dollar will also help exports, Minister of State for Finance Dhananjaya Kumar said on Tuesday.

India challenges basmati patent in USPTO
'A petition has been filed before the USPTO for re-examination of the grant of patent to Ricetec,' the Indian government has stated.

Demand steadies falling rupee
The rupee gained ground after the Reserve Bank took steps to protect it and because of continuing light import demand for dollars.

'e-comm constitutes 28.7% of our total revenue'
'We have significant revenues from e-commerce and we are widely regarded as a high technology company in the e-space.' Infosys President Nandan Nilekani tells the rediff chat.

Money from Indians abroad surges manifold
Remittances grew six-fold from $ 2.069 b in the beginning of the 90's to $ 12.256 b at the end of the decade, according to Businessline.

'Indian Net firms are highly innovative'
Indian firms are quick to develop a concept, turn it into a business solution, and then take it for a road test, says Cytura Corporation president Toleti Raj.

US tobacco firms lose $ 145 b suit
Philip Morris, R J Reynolds, Brown and Williamson, Lorillard and Liggett have been sued in a class-action suit representing nearly 700,000 residents of Florida.

India hopes to revoke basmati patent
India hopes to revoke a US patent granted to an American firm for all grains and lines of basmati rice.

Imandi makes a killing
The reverse marketplace has secured $ 20 million in its second round of venture capital funding.

Indian a good market for food: study
The study by PROMAR International shows that it's size and diversity makes India an attractive market for nearly every major food, beverage and agribusiness company.

Barings plans $ 100-mn India equity fund
The fund is to be invested in the Indian information technology, pharmaceuticals and consumer service sectors.

IMF deplores India's fiscal deficit
It has asked India to carry out drastic economic reforms, including rapid deregulation of industrial and agriculture sectors and cut in non-plan expenditure.

United Defense buys Bofors
The leading US weapons manufacturer has bought all the stock of Sweden's Bofors Weapon Systems, Jane's Defence Weekly reported.

Govt eases ECB guidelines further
Rules for corporates seeking access to international capital markets have been relaxed.

High-tech visa bill battle rages on
The H1-B legislation is stuck because Democrats first want illegal immigrants from the Caribbean and Latino countries given US citizenship while the Republicans don't.

Consensus grows against Indian leather
The US-based People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals recently got the Council of Leather Exports to impose a 60-day moratorium to improve conditions in Indian abattoirs.

India Telecom - India Corp's big call to US
Among the sectors likely to be represented at the conference are optical fibre cabling, switches for cellular networks, ISP systems and gateways, power and e-commerce applications.

Digital dilemma
Uncertainty shrouds the Sankhya Vahini project.

Beauty and the East
The tenth edition of the Miss India-Canada beauty pageant, which has produced celebrities like Kamal Sidhu and Ruby Bhatia, begins on July 29.

Putting their money on ice
Sanjay Kumar and Charles Wang become the fourth owners of the New York Islanders since 1997.

US may lift sanctions during Vajpayee visit
US officials hinted at easing of curbs, saying this would help strengthen bilateral relations that got a boost during President Clinton's visit to India.

Making sense of the Sensex
What a person investing in the Indian stock market ought to know.

Irresistible force, which topped the list for reverse auction web sites in March, is now ranked 338th in all the sites on the Internet.

To serve the Asian hotel industry better
Bakulesh Patel hopes to ensure that the voice of the powerful Asian American Hotel Owners Association is heard in places that matter.

Microsoft Veteran Expands Mentorship Role
Vijay Vashee, like many of his peers, makes time to back up start-ups, a large number of them by Indian Americans.

Indian all set to head Citibank
According to Wall Street Journal Pune-born Victor Menezes has done well to survive Citi's notoriously brutal corporate culture.

Another first for Relativity
Vivek Wadhwa, who made his name wooing over former KGB agents and impressing Wall Street, now teams up with NIIT.

Rakesh Mathur's Karma Yoga
Purple Yogi may be his fourth start-up but Mathur insists he is not a risk-taker. Hospitality business leader ventures into banking
You could say he is a banker with a game plan, with the rules borrowed and improvised from life and sports. Or how else could Mike Patel, an immigrant who has lived on two continents and been a professional soccer player, build 15 hotels in the US and be the chairman of a new bank?

E-commerce guru launches e-service biz
'You have seen the transition from e-commerce to e-business, now you will see the transition from e-business to e-service. is a great example of the next generation e-service company, because we are telling the customer, "you can fire and forget",' said Dr Ravi Kalakota, founder and CEO of

AAHOA seeks political clout
Though Asian American Hotel Owners Association members own more than half of America's economy hotels and substantial number of luxury hotels, hardly a congressman or senator knows about the association, many of its leaders complain.

American Business Backs Pact With India
With this, the wrangling over the restrictions that has been going on for more than four years has come to an end.

Relativity Focuses on India, Eyes Asia
The company crafts an alliance with NIIT, the software consulting and training company, and considers partnerships on the Pacific Rim.

The Nemesis Of Junk Mail
With his Sunil Paul hopes to have the spam problem licked. And now he plans to make anti-virus software too.

Online Indian Grocer Gets Money Backing
Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers and Benchmark Capital invest $ 12 million in

Online Indian Grocer Gets Money Backing
Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers and Benchmark Capital invest $ 12 million in

Dorm Room Idea Pays Dividends
Harvard student Amar Goel makes a multi-million dollar business of selling golf equipment on the Net.

Whose $ 550 Million Is It Anyway?
Computer Associates President Sanjay Kumar sails on through a sea of controversies.

NY Entrepreneur Group Marks Its Anniversary
Men and women chatted and dined, paying the ideal tribute to TiE-NY's dream to help south Asian entrepreneurs network.

India's Going for Growth: Wharton Group
Business barons are bullish on India's prospects, but want reforms to continue.

Kennedy Complains Of Low Wages In Silicon Valley
And opposition slowly increases against the raise of a cap on high-tech visas.

Not What the Doctor Ordered
Started in spring this year, hopes to be a leading Internet destination for the organization, management and storage of personal medical and health information.

SAJA, Wharton School Launch Awards For Business Journalism
The SAJA-Knowledge@Wharton Award for Business Journalism provides journalists of south Asian origin with scholarships to attend the Wharton Seminars for Business Journalists.

Ex-Banker Sekhri Denied Bail
Arjun Sekhri, a former employee in the mergers and acquisitions department of Salomon Smith Barney, is charged with money-laundering and inside trading.

TiE Goes to Bush Country
It sends reminders to entrepreneurs from the subcontinent that there are a significant number of ethnic success stories outside the Silicon Valley.

Obongo to the Rescue Of e-Passports and e-Wallets
It's touted as the key to all your password problems. And it could be the key to all the e-retailers' problems as well.

Business Opportunities in the New Millennium
A slew of big-time entrepreneurs and academics, including Naveen Jain, C K Prahlad and Tej Sidhu will address the TiEcon'99 conference in Cerritos, California.

Lessons From Exodus's Success
Founder K B Chandrashekhar will share his success story with would-be entrepreneurs at TiE's speaker series.

Ghee (Click), Kilbassa (Click), Burito (Click), Baklava (Click) aims to cater to the craving for ethnic groceries and several other consumer products within 24 hours.

Ready for the eMillennium?
Top industry leaders at the cutting edge of eBusiness, and venture capitalists are to talk on 'eBusiness Craze and Trends'.

Clearer Vision
Balaji Krishnamurthy, the man who ensured perfect displays in Tektronix, is appointed CEO of Planar Systems.

Desai's Syntel Continues Acquisition Spree
Now it has announced that it's buying Metier, a firm that provides technology services to customers like Steven Spielberg's DreamWorks SKG, Sony Trans Com, the California Institute of Technology, etc.

Truly An NHancement
Ram V Mani, veteran in voice processing computer telephony, to lead the money-making communication venture.
TiE Company Forum To Discuss Biz Strategies, Models
Professor Mohanbir Sawhney will introduce topics relating to strategy and business model. Roy Cowell, president of Cowell & Associates Ltd, will discuss human resources, organizational culture and options.

Smart Shareholders to Vote on $2 Billion Sale to Solectron
As part of the purchase, Ajay Shah, chairman and chief executive of Smart Modular, will become president and chief executive of a new Solectron technology design group. Shah owns about 35 per cent of Smart Modular along with his wife Lata Krishnan and Mukesh Patel.

A Balanced View of an e-Commerce Future
'The biggest changes we are going to see in the next five years is the Third World jumping on the e-commerce bandwagon,' says e-commerce guru Mohanbir Sawhney.

Plotting Tech Battles For The 21st Century
Some of the best-known names in the Silicon Valley will offer in-depth insights on semiconductors, telecommunications, software, investment banking, networking, Internet and venture capital.

Show Me The Money!
"I am actively looking for GOOD SAMARITANS people to invest in," says B V Jagadeesh, angel investor, co-founder and CTO of the successful Exodus Communications.

Restaurant 'Doctor' Sells Chain for $ 13 m
Ghulam Bombaywala, who made a career of restoring fading GOOD SAMARITANS restaurants to their former glory, sells out.

Big Byte Success
Meet Siva Tayi, who started his one-man enterprise, Sai Software Consulting Inc, in 1984 and nurtured it into one of Houston's fastest growing companies.

Technical Visionary, Market Wizard
Everything turns to gold in the hands of Gururaj Deshpande, who has become an icon for young entrepreneurs, especially from India.

Insights into Second Generation Entrepreneurship was founded in April 1999 by a group of Internet veterans from Yahoo!, Netscape, America Online, @Home and Wired, some of whom left options on the table at their previous companies for the excitement of starting a new company.

Indian Firm Wins New Product Award
Universal Air Technology bagged the award for its technology that is effective against indoor air pollutants such as bacteria, viruses, molds, dust mite allergens and odors.

Looking Beyond Year 2000, SEEC Takes Bold Strides
Many months before 1999 was to start, Ravindra Koka reminisces, he and his team at SEEC had felt strongly that the survival and prosperity of the firm could never be served by short term targets.

How To Use High-Tech 'Juices Up' Retail Business
Manoj Tripathi, CIO of Jamba Juice, a fast growing, nutrition-oriented, quick service business, will explain the challenge of using hi-tech in retail business to Silicon Valley Indian Professionals on July 24.

Leonardo Of Condoms Does It Again
InSpiral, the winding, twisting, mess of a condom that claims to yield maximum sensation, has just reached thousands of shops across America. Its inventor Dr Alla Venkata Krishna Reddy hopes customers will sing its praise so much he will be laughing all the way to the bank soon.

Pandya's Vision Bears Fruit At Wharton
Knowledge@Wharton generated 26,000 hits within the first 24 hours of its debut on May 26. Today, the website has more than 3,500 registered users in 88 countries.

Mastech Among America's Hottest-Growing Firms: BusinessWeek
'This recognition, and our rapid growth, is a strong indicator that our strategy to be a leading global IT solutions firm is working extremely well,' said Sunil Wadhwani, Mastech's chairman and CEO, 'and it represents a unique value proposition to our worldwide client base.'

Invitation To Speak At Dow Jones Conference Boosts Relativity's Image
Vivek Wadhwa's legacy transformation solutions firm, has already nabbed an undisclosed investment from Intel Corp.

The Man Who Would Save Our Secrets
Citing the recent scandals involving the theft of American nuclear secrets by the Chinese, Sushil Bhatia says his DeCopier, which is expected to his the market in about six months, would be a big boon for private and public businesses.

Gangwal, Wolf Decide To Stay Out Of New Incentive Pay Plan
The Association of Flight Attendants and other unions objected to the plan under which USAir executives can receive cash payments for as much as five times their base salaries.

Startup company ropes in top names
Accelerated Networks Inc, named as DataCommunications' Top 25 startups, has wooed Pete Patel as VP, operations. Earlier, the firm, with over $ 320 million in revenues, brought in Yogi Mistry, a 20-year software veteran.