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Amitava Kumar speaks up
The writer of Passport Photos discusses his past, present and a whole lot else.

A predictable lament
Vijay Prashad weaves his tale cleverly in The Karma of Brown Folk, but it certainly isn't 'fair'.

A dollop of reality
Akhil Sharma shocks and astounds with his first novel, An Obedient Father

Leaving his mark on pulp fiction
Pune-born novelist Shirish Date plans to release his third book, Smokeout, in November.

New guide to doing business in Asia
The collection of articles, edited by Usha C V Haley, analyzes the changing economic and business environments on the continent

Mumbai masala
Truth and conjecture make an inseparable mix in Leslie Forbes' novels, all of them set in India.

Rahul Khanna saves Bapsi's book-reading session
The snag was serious - Sidhwa was not going to make it to the venue in time. Rainstorms had forced Sidhwa's plane from Houston to be diverted to Pittsburgh. She was going to be almost an hour late.

Fighting and protesting to be happy
The author of 'The Karma of Brown Folk' believes change will happen one day and he is willing to wait patiently.

Professor Attacks Model Minority Myth
Vijay Prashad's new book The Karma of Brown Folk is going to stimulate controversies and debates.

A Homeless Writer
"There are an increasing number of people who are living in the cracks between cultures," says Pico Iyer, who is in the US promoting his new book The Global Soul...

Rushdie finds new love in New York
He has been seen moving around the city with Padma Lakshmi, model and writer of Easy Exotic: A Model's Low-Fat Recipes From Around the World.

Baldwin competes with Rushdie for Commonwealth Writers Prize
The author hopes it will get more people to read When The Body Remembers.

Beyond an autobiography
Emotions get the better of V S Naipaul at a New York reading.

Madhur Jaffrey's Vegetarian World
In her latest book, World Vegetarian, she offers 650 meatless recipes from across the globe.

Ramji's Amrika
Though M G Vassanji has placed his new protagonist in the US, he has tied Ramji with an umbilical cord to Dar es Salaam, the African city that was Vassanji's home till 1970.

Activists Laud Roy, Media Ignores Her
But the author of the best-selling The God Of Small Things and now The Greater Common GOOD SAMARITANS found she had a captive audience after all.

Pune-Born Journalist Digs Murder In Daytona Beach
S V Date becomes one of the few Florida journalists who have turned to writing crime fiction -- and successfully.

Vassanji, Hussein At Toronto Book Fest
The International Festival of Authors, showcasing some 60 acclaimed novelists, poets, biographers and playwrights, begins on October 22.

Her Homework's A Hit
Suneeta Peres da Costa, who scored 'an international coup' with her new book, will address SAJA.

Vakil's 'Beach Boy' Now Available
In Paperback

The coming of age novel set among the Parsis in Bombay, circa 1970, has been praised by American and British critics for riding the crest of a new wave of Indian fiction.

The Charmer Is Back!
Sanjay Nigam, author of The Snake Charmer, published by William Morrow, is more interested in examining the spiritual and emotional malaise of his characters than writing hi-speed novels about computer piracy or medical fraud.

'Earth Times' Takes Up No-Profit Book Publishing
Earth Times Books expects to publish six to 10 titles each year, including a non-fiction book by Audrey Ronning Topping, and has kicked off its operations with the soon-to-be published 'All of Us: Births and a Better Life -- Population, Development and Environment in a Globalized World'.

Big Plans For 'What The Body Remembers'
Shauna Singh Baldwin's soon-to-be published novel, set against the turbulent years leading to the Partition of India, offers a feminist perspective of the tragic era.

Sonny Mehta Is Recovering From A Triple Bypass Surgery in New York
Mehta is recovering well and is expected to be back at Knopf "after a reasonable time," a spokesman for Random House, said. Mehta's wife, Gita, has flown in from England on Thursday to be with her recuperating husband.

Love, Rebellion And Punishment In Ceylon
Shyam Selvadurai's second novel, Cinnamon Gardens, is filled with colorful and often disturbing stories involving Hindus and Christians, Tamils, Sinhalese and the British -- gays and lesbians and heterosexuals.

Holy Smoke (The Book) Gets Mixed Reviews
'Given Hollywood's fascination with gurus and Eastern mysticism, a project of this nature would never have had problems,' says Ric Ornellas, film critic The Washington Square News.

New Yorker Chooses Lahiri As One Of 20 Writers For 21st Century
The question of identity is always a difficult one, says Jhumpa Lahiri. '...But especially so for those who are culturally displaced, as immigrants are, or those who grow up in two worlds simultaneously, as is the case for their children.'

The Darker Side of Iskcon
Nori J Muster's book, Betrayal of the Spirit, lifts the veil off the Krishna cult.

Ayurvedic Cooking Goes International
In Heaven's Banquet, first-time writer Miriam Kasim Hospodar offers over 750 recipes gathered from across the world, to prove that India's ayurvedic principles about food have universal applications.

52nd edition of Yogananda's book draws new attention to his work
Apart from a deluxe edition ($ 39), the book is available in paperback for $ 5.50; audio version read by Oscar-winner Ben (Gandhi) Kingsley have also sold in thousands. Twelve audiocassettes go for $ 48.

'It was the worst time of Nehru's life'
'At the very moment when he needed to show political recovery and strength, the State Department would advertise and exploit his weakness,' the former US ambassador recalls in a new book.

Lahiri's First Book Gets Raves
Interpreter of Maladies has already received raves from her peers, including Amy Tan and Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni -- and from a slew of magazines.