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Merchants of Mayhem

Roll over the countries on the map to get the names of the terrorist organisation. Click on them to go to the description.
On September 11, terrorists hit the World Trade Centre, and the Pentagon, in a series of orchestrated strikes against the United States of America.

Within hours, President George W Bush declared a global war against terrorism. A fortnight after Black Tuesday gave that war concrete shape when the US Administration released a list of 27 organisations and individuals that allegedly indulge in terrorist activities on a global scale. The list includes non-governmental organisations and even a company suspected of having a link with terrorist groups.

The US has moved to freeze any and all bank accounts belonging to these groups and individuals. Other countries have been quick to follow suit. Law enforcement agencies in the US and elsewhere have proclaimed this is merely a beginning, that the 27 entities named in the list will be subjected to concerted action aimed at defusing them and negating their capacity for evil.

Who are these 27 individuals and entities? Where are they based? Who are their leaders? What is their ideology? Where do they operate?

Here's everything you wanted to know about the global dealers in death.

Text: Priya Ganapati
Design: Imran Shaikh

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