If you are in Bombay and looking for Kala Ghoda, ask any passerby. He will tell you it is next to the Jehangir art gallery, a block or two from the Regal cinema. But if you ask the very same passerby where the statue of Kala Ghoda, that gave this neighbourhood of museums, colleges, art galleries and restaurants its name, is, he will give you a blank look. Statue of Kala Ghoda?

Once the pride of Bombay, today the statue is forgotten. Meant to be forgotten. In fact it has travelled some 15 kilometres, not of its own volition, and is located at the entrance of Veermata Jijabai Bhonsle Udyan (popularly known as Victoria Gardens) with not even a sign or board indicating the identity of the statue or of the monarch proudly mounted on the horse.