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Rediff News  All News  » Travel-Living » Keep An Eye On Your Home & Baby With This Zicom Home Watch Camera

Keep An Eye On Your Home & Baby With This Zicom Home Watch Camera

Last updated on: October 09, 2015 12:35 IST
Why you need it?

No parents want to leave own child out of sight even for a moment. Zicom Home Watch understands this and keeps you connected with your child so that youn can view all events live on your mobile device, no matter where you are. You can talk, listen and pacify your loved ones at home so that he never feels your absence even for a moment. It helps you to keep a check on the safety and assures you constantly that everything is fine in your home. It helps you to take immediate step in case of an emergency. This is an undoubted  boon for the working parents to remain safe and secured on the homefront while they are away from home.

Zicom Home Watch IP Wifi Camera: 

Zicome HomeWatch  Wifi CameraZicom Home Watch

Buy Zicom Home Watch IP Wi-Fi Camera for Rs. 6,999

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The product summary of this item offers some additional noteworthy features above the common benefits mentioned earlier. It comes with 1.3 megapixel camera with excellent image quality in the dark. The camera can be zoomed through your mobile device as per requirement.

The Benefits of Zicom Home Watch Camera

The main benefits of Zicom Home Watch Camera can be summarized with the following words:

#1. Always stay connected to your Home, 24x7

#2. Access & Monitor live video, anytime from any place

#3. Record video when someone enters your home

#4. Password protected clip storage in Zicom Command Center

#5. A two-way audio channel system

Some Indispensable Zicom Surveillance Products: Zicom CCTV Surveillance Kit:

Zicome Survillence Camera


Buy Zicom Surveillance Camera for Just Rs. 8,999

This product from Zicom has a range of 30 meters with 4 video channels support with user friendly features. It can function flawlessly between 10 degree to 55 degree Celsius temperature with facilities for Day/Night IR Cut Filter with Auto Switch. Recorded events can be searched by date and event wise. It runs on 12 Volt DC and works on  advanced 1/3 image sensor.



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