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How to Make A Small Room Appear Big

Last updated on: November 21, 2014 17:50 IST

How To Make Your Room Appear Big

Today, getting a spacious apartment in your desired budget is a difficult task. We have to compromise either with money or space to get the desired one. Thus this is a common problem that most of the young men and women in India today face at some point in their lives. 

Here are some easy ways which will make any small room appear more bigger & modern at the same time -

1.  No shady colours, only shades of white: Use a light colour on walls, so when the light reflects it will make your room bigger. Also use a light colour flooring to make it more airy and cool. Paint or opt for a wallpaper on the ceiling to make the room look spacious.

Light Color On Walls

2.  Use table clocks instead of wall clocks: Hanging wall clocks tend to make a room look smaller as they occupy the space on the wall & are right in your face. Hence, a table clock which in some corner does not take any visual space & makes the room appear big. Such table alarm clocks also serve the purpose of showing time & entertaining with radio. Try these new trendy digital watches with MP3 player and FM.

Table With Radio FM

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3.  Digitally printed cushion covers: Placing digitally printed bright cushion covers give a 3D affect to the room on the whole making it appear big & also add colour to the room. These printed cushion covers can be mixed with sofa sets or your bed & give a very different look to your entire room.

Cushion Covers For Your Room

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 4. Make use of hidden storage: Use foldable furniture such as foldable almirahs (wardrobes), foldable shoe racks & foldable chair + stool that hide your extra storage & give you more space.

Folding Wardrobe

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5. Use sheer curtains: These will give a very light feeling around the room & look extremely delicate. 

Curtains For Your Living And Bedroom

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6. Throw in some wall art: Now that you have taken all the care to get rid of extra stuff, let's get some dimension of decor going in your room. Decor will help the room feel expansive if you choose a soothing & relaxing painting.

Paintings for your wall

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