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How To Get A Bike Absolutely FREE!

Last updated on: February 05, 2015 11:17 IST


When it comes to travelling for work, no other mode of transport can beat a two wheeler as it is both cheap and convenient. However, a regular two wheeler is a little unsafe at times, thanks to a powerful engine. How about buying an electric scooter? It is safe, easy to drive, extremely cheap and the best part is that you don’t need a driving license to ride one. Isn’t it great?

Hero Electric

Buy Hero Maxi Electric Scooter Now

Introducing Hero Maxi Electric Scooter. It is highly economical compared to petrol two-wheelers and totally environmental friendly as it gives zero tailpipe emissions. Any one belonging to the age group of 16 to 60 can ride a Hero Maxi Electric Scooter.

Q. How is the Hero Maxi Electric Scooter cheaper than any other scooter? 

A. Why pay Rs 64 for 50 kms when you can cover 60 kms in just Rs 8 on a Hero Maxi Electric Scooter

Price comparison chart

Q. How can I own the Hero Electric Scooter for free?

A. As you can see the initial cost + maintenance cost + refuelling costs of a petrol scooter are much higher than that of Hero Maxi Electric Scooter. You buy a Hero Maxi Electric scooter for Rs. 38,000 and you save Rs. 39,024 (in a period of 2 years) which you would have otherwise spent on using and maintaining a regular petrol scooter. Now, this is what we call pure savings!

Maintenance cost comparison chart

Q. What if my bike runs out of battery in the middle of the road?
 Common Concerns Related To Using An Electric Bike:

A. Hero Maxi Electric Scooter runs on Embedded Motion Control Technology which increases the reliability of the battery.

Hero Electric Poster

Q. The quality of batteries used in most electric bikes is a serious concern. What about that?

A. Hero Maxi Electric Scooter has brushless DC motor and Full Float Charging Technology.

Hero Electric Advantages

Q. Most electric bikes are not sturdy enough as compared to a regular petrol scooter


Hero Electric Features

What are you waiting for? Buy Hero Maxi Electric scooter today!

Hero Electric Poster

Buy Hero Maxi Electric Scooter Now



3 Essential Accessories For All Two Wheeler Riders

Bike accessories


Buy Helmet Under Rs 800      Buy Gloves Under Rs 500     Buy Bikers' Armor Jacket Under Rs 1300



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