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Eat clean and green. Eat Organic

Last updated on: June 18, 2018 10:22 IST

Organic foods are those foods that are grown, processed and packaged without using chemicals. Organic cultivation uses organic seeds, organic fertilizers, compost, organic root stimulators, and organic pest control methods.

Juice is absorbed 100% within minutes of being drunk. Because there is no digestion involved, we are able to quickly and easily assimilate the live juice. All of the plant’s nutrients then go to work immediately, cleansing and detoxifying, nourishing and balancing to repair and maintain our organs and cells, our entire body.

Drinking raw live juices daily, eliminating unhealthy stresses and habits, living a balanced lifestyle, and eating a healthy diet promotes optimal health and the potential to reverse or avert disease.

Organic juices 

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How the Organic Foods and Juice treat the Body

Soon after starting of consumption of organic food and juices daily, people observe their skin, hair and complexion improving. They see their digestion harmonizing and elimination becoming easier and more regular. Acid reflux begins to lessen, hair becomes lustier and fuller, and phlegm and congestion begin to clear.

Regular organic juice consumption helps improve your energy, and over a period of time shows results such as the lessening and elimination of inflammation that causes aches and pains, weight loss or weight normalization, stoppage of muscle spasms and cramps, a quieting of the nervous system, a clearing of allergies, balancing of hormones, strengthening of the immune system, and a longer and healthier life.

Organic juices

Check out these Natural Organic Juices which improve Health

When it comes to a strong antioxidant punch, that can control blood pressure, and improve heart health, goji, cherry, acai, pomegranate and blueberry juice are exactly what you need to naturally prevent such conditions.

Noni juice, and goji berry juice remedy age-related diseases, and regulate high blood pressure.


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Benefits of Organic Food & Juices

No Chemicals In Your Daily Diet: Pesticides used by Farmers, to keep insects and pests away from crops, are usually chemicals designed to kill living organisms and could be harmful for humans. If the produce being juiced is not organic, all the other chemicals in or on the plant (pesticides, fungicides, herbicides, synthetic fertilizers) will also be part of the juice.

Tastes Great: Organic farming brings back the health of the soil. Crops grown on such well-balanced soil, which has not been contaminated by harmful pesticides, are strong and healthy crops. They are more wholesome and contain the required nutrients in the right proportions. They taste better as well.

Reduce Health Risks: Research has linked many pesticides with cancer and other deadly diseases. Organic agriculture is the only way to keep them from getting into our body via food consumption thus reducing dangerous health risks.

Some Quick Organic facts

  1. The average non organic fruit contains pesticides
  2. Organic food is richer in vitamins, minerals and fibre and retains the levels of nutrients for much longer.
  3. Your body will be more resistant to disease as it will have higher levels of the essential nutrients it needs to fight off infection
  4. You will have more energy through consuming lower levels of toxins and chemicals that slow your body down
  5. Organic farms respect our water resources and do not leach nitrogens and other pollutants from their soil
  6. Organic food just tastes so much better
  7. Increases biodiversity, is sustainable and helps prevent pollution and climate change


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