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Rediff News  All News  » Travel-Living » 9 Travel Accessories That Will Make Your Summer Holiday Easier

9 Travel Accessories That Will Make Your Summer Holiday Easier

Last updated on: April 16, 2018 14:21 IST

#1 Noise cancelling earphones

Samsung earphones

Buy 1 Get 1- Samsung Earphones @ Rs 215

When you are on a trip, not all moments are fun and exciting. There are times when there will be a lot of unwanted noise around you. Enjoy your journey without any disturbances with these earphones. The noise canceling feature on these earphones blocks all the external noise and fills your ears with your favourite music and nothing else. With superior sound output, you can listen to your favourite tunes on-the-go.

#2 Pill Organiser With Bottle

Pill organiser

 Buy Medicine/Pill Organiser with Bottle @ Rs 249

Do you usually forget to take your medicines on time? This medicine organizer helps you remember it easily. There are 7 compartments in this medicine/pill organizer. All you need to do is store your daily dose of medicines on a weekly basis. This medicine box is compact and easy to carry.

#3 Lazy Mobile Holder

Lazy mobile holder

 Buy Flexible Lazy Mobile Holder @ Rs 195

This lazy mobile holder is not just meant for the lazy ones but for most of us who like to multitask. You can watch a movie on your phone while enjoying your meal with this amazing device.

#4 Sunglasses


 Buy Reebok Sunglasses @ Rs 249

Be it an adventure getaway or a simple weekend outing, a pair of sunglasses is an essential accessory in your bag. Brave the summer heat easily as this pair of sunglasses blocks UV rays.

#5 Slim Power Bank

Ambrane Power Bank

 Buy Ambrane mAh Power Bank @ Rs 899

Life without a smartphone is simply unimaginable. Carry a power bank just in case your smartphone runs out of battery. This slim power bank is compatible with all smartphones. It easily fits in your bag.

#6 Duffle bag

Reebok duffle bag

 Buy Reebok Duffle Bag @ Rs 349

Your trip is incomplete without a reliable travel bag. After all, it needs to carry all your essential travel accessories. This bag is roomy enough to carry everything you need on your next trip.

#7 Toiletries pouch

Toiletry pouch

 Buy Kangaroo Keeper/Bag Organizer - Set of 2 @ Rs 739

This handbag or sling bag organizer allows you to store your travel accessories easily. Now, pack your camera, MP3 player, toiletries and everything else you need on your journey with utmost ease. Just insert this organizer in your bag and carry all your stuff smartly.

#8 Multi Utili 5 in 1 Tool

21 in 1 Tool

 Buy Multi Utility 21 in 1 Army Knife and Toolkit @ Rs 255

This 21 in 1 army knife along with a toolkit is ideal for travelling. It consists of a small knife, bottle/can opener, screwdriver, saw hook remover, fish scalar scissors, pillars wood file, metal file, Philips screwdriver, key ring, corkscrew, leather punch, sewing needle, toothpick tweezers etc.

#9 Alarm Lock

Alarm Lock

 Buy Alarm Lock @ Rs 460

Making your luggage is safe gets tedious when you are traveling by train and are allotted the upper berth. This alarm lock will protect your luggage even when you are not paying attention to it. When the lock is vibrated twice within 5 seconds, the siren starts playing. The siren plays after every 10 seconds which will give you enough time to take charge of the situation. 




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