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Rediff News  All News  » Travel-Living » 9 Surprisingly Awesome Products for Your Kitchen

9 Surprisingly Awesome Products for Your Kitchen

February 28, 2017 17:33 IST

#1 Washing rice is so easy with this rice washing sieve. Add water to rice and rinse it in the sieve. The water automatically gets drained out. How cool!

Rice Washing Sieve

 Buy Rice Washing Sieve @ Rs 249

#2 This container set is a quintessential need in every household. You can use these containers to store snacks, leftover food or even pack a freshly cooked meal. The best part is that these containers are microwave safe. Heat the food in the container hassle-free.

Container Set

 Buy Microwave Safe Storage Containers (29 pcs) @ Rs 399

#3 Are the vegetable remains occupying too much space on your kitchen table after the daily cutting and chopping? You wouldn't want to touch the dustbin while cooking. Use this plastic trash holder which can be easily attached to your kitchen table. You can dispose of the entire trash after you have finished cooking.

Kitchen Trash Holder

Buy Kitchen Trash Holder @ Rs 249

#4 Dice, mince, shred, peel and do a lot more with this multifunction kitchen tool. This tool makes the mundane tasks of cutting and chopping very easy and saves your precious time. Place the raw vegetables or fruits on the top and cut in one swipe. With multiple chopping attachments, you can use this tool for almost all vegetables.

Multifunction Chopper

 Buy Multipurpose Chopper/Cutter/Grater/Slicer @ Rs 499

#5 An ideal lunch box to carry home-cooked meals to work.

Topware Lunch Box

 Buy Lunch Box Set @ Rs 199

#6 Make your meals tastier by adding freshly minced herbs to it. This herb mill chopper makes mincing herbs easy.

Herb Mill Chopper

 Buy Herb Mill Chopper @ Rs 299

#7 Diet freaks, this Kawachi Chop-N-Grate Mini Grater is perfect for making salads. It can slice, dice, chop and grate vegetables and fruits faster than ever. Simply press the top and it is done.

Kawachi Chop N Grate

 Buy Kawachi Chop-N-Grate Mini Grater @ Rs 249

#8 Taking of salads, we have one more tool for salads. Add perfectly cut cucumber slices to the salad with this cucumber slicer.

Kawachi Spiral Slicer

 Buy Spiral Cucumber Slicer @ Rs 149

#9 After all the cooking is done, clean the kitchen table with this microfiber glove. The fabric of this microfiber glove creates a static charge and attracts all the dust particles easily.

Microfiber Cloth

Buy Microfiber Cleaning Gloves @ Rs 149



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