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Rediff News  All News  » Travel-Living » 8 Summer Deodorants and Perfumes for People Who Sweat a Lot

8 Summer Deodorants and Perfumes for People Who Sweat a Lot

April 12, 2017 15:35 IST

Picture this! You walk into the office and your colleagues call you Mr/Miss sweaty, thanks to your sweat-soaked shirt! Summer is here and so is the time to amp your fragrance game with our range of deodorants, perfumes and roll-ons. Here are 8 fragrances for people who sweat a lot-

There are countless brands and a huge variety of deodorants out there but sometimes guys cannot find the right fragrance in deodorants which is why we get you the best summer deodorants which last long, are reasonable and also great on fragrance.

#1 Davidoff Cool Water Deodorant Set

Davidoff Deodorants

 Buy Davidoff Cool Water Men's Deodorants (Pack of 3) @ Rs 499

It's fresh and an aquatic fragrance is invigorating and comes with crisp notes of lavender, iris and musk. Be it a casual occasion or a party, you can wear this fragrance and feel on top the world.

#2 CK One

CK Men's Perfume

 Buy CK One Men's Perfume @ Rs 899

This long lasting fragrance by CK is sure to turn heads around to notice you. It is a fresh and fruity fragrance with blending notes of green tea, amber, jasmine, papaya and pineapple. It is a light scent and is an ideal pick for work wear. This is one fragrance which can be used by both men and women.

#3 Lomani Deodorants

Lomani Deodorant Set

 Buy Lomani DO IT Deodorants (Pack of 3) @ Rs 499

Lomani deodorants are perfect for men who believe in action over words. They are confident and know how to get things done. This deodorant set complements the outgoing personality of such men. It has opening notes of citrus with accords of bergamot and lemon to tease your senses and gentle floral accords of carnation and geranium as well. The soothing musk lingers on your skin and makes you smell fresh. All the elements of the highest quality come together in perfect cohesion to create a unique balance of aromas which are not only luscious but also smooth and suave like the man who is wearing it. Perfect for everyday use.

#4 Benetton Sport Man Deodorant

Benetton Deodorant Set

 Buy Benetton Sport Deodorants (Pack of 3) @ Rs 399

This masculine scent comes with a blend of fresh and fruity notes. With citrus, spice and woods, this set of deodorants is recommended for everyday wear. Wear this deodorant and get ready to brave the summer heat.

#5 Roll-Ons by iGlory

Roll ons

 Buy Roll-on Fragrances Under Rs 750

If you are looking for a roll-on fragrance, opt for these alcohol-free roll-ons by iGlory. These roll-ons are made of pure perfume oils which spread evenly and effectively on your skin. This results in long lasting fragrance all day long.

#6 United Colors of Benetton Charming Frangipani Women's Body Mist

UCB Body Mist

 Buy UCB Charming Frangipani Women's Body Mist @ Rs 2264

This feminine body mist by United Colors of Benetton comes with a blend of fresh and aromatic notes. It is meant for women who are strong and confident. It can be worn on a daily basis.

#7 Brut Deodorants


Brut Deos

 Buy Brut Deodorants (Pack of 3) @ Rs 598

These deodorants by Brut help embrace confidence and flaunt it. These deodorants fight bacteria and prevent sweat which is essential during summer. It quickly masks the unpleasant smell of sweat. Smell like a real man with the great smell of Brut.



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