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8 Decor Tips to Improve Your Home

January 03, 2017 18:03 IST

These small and easy changes can make a big difference in your home decor-

#1 Shoe Rack

Shoe Rack

 Buy Shoe Rack @ Rs 299

Organize your footwear in your house in a smart and space friendly way. This shoe rack can house 12 pairs of footwear and is a perfect addition to compact homes. Make the entrance of your home clutter free and neat with this trendy shoe rack.

#2 3D Bed-sheet

3D Bed-sheet

 Buy 3D Double Bed-sheet Set @ Rs 399

Change the look of your bedroom on a budget. This 3D bed-sheet is a cost effective option to add a twist to your room's decor. The shade and design of this bed-sheet is soothing and appealing at the same time. Why buy flashy bed-linen of inferior quality when you can make your room look subtle and elegant!

#3 Carpet


 Buy Floral Carpet @ Rs 299

If your bed-room or drawing room has plain and simple interiors, balance it out with this colourful carpet. The bold usage of colours and designs is what makes this carpet stand out from the rest. This will brighten up your home interiors without burning a hole in your pocket.

#4 Cloth Hanging Stand

Cloth Hanging Stand

 Buy Cloth Hanging Stand @ Rs 1699

This is an intelligent investment to all those who are living in an urban setting. This cloth hanging stand can easily dry your clothes especially during rainy season. This cloth hanging stand is ideal for bigger families. The best part is that it doesn't utilize much space and serves the purpose rightly.

#5 A toolkit


 Buy Multipurpose Toolkit @ Rs 125

Every home needs a toolkit, period! A toolkit makes it easier for you to carry out those odd jobs in and around your house. For instance, you want to hang a photo frame or perhaps carry out a petty repair job, a toolkit is what you need to get things done easily.

#6 Wall Shelf

Wall Shelf

 Buy Wooden Wall Shelf @ Rs 845

Enhance the decor of your home with this uber stylish wooden wall shelf. This wall shelf makes your wall look artistic and allows you to showcase the little things in your house that are close to the heart.

#7 LED Bulbs- A smart way to cut down on your electricity bill

Vizio LED Bulbs

 Buy Vizio LED Bulbs - Set of 10 @ Rs 449

Replace all your old bulbs with these smart power saving LED bulbs. This pack includes 10 LED bulbs which allows you to replace all the existing light bulbs and bring down the electricity bill.

#8 Shampoo/Liquid Soap Dispenser

Liquid Soap Dispenser 

Buy Wall Mounted Liquid Soap Double Dispenser @ Rs 299

If you prefer liquids like shower gels and liquid soaps for bathing and washing hands respectively, go for this shampoo/liquid soap dispenser. You can easily install it in your bathroom. It saves the space in your bathroom. Now, no need to place those heavy shampoo bottles and soap dishes in your bathroom.



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