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9 Amazing Kitchen Products You'll Actually Use

Last updated on: December 15, 2017 14:37 IST

Not those complicated gadgets which will simply occupy the space in your kitchen cabinet.

Here are 9 amazing kitchen products you'll actually use -

#1 Bottle Jar Opener 

Bottle Jar Opener

 Buy Bottle cum Jar Opener @ Rs 249

This tool instantly opens all types of lids, jars, containers, and bottles without much effort. It saves your fingers and nails. It provides the strength required to open any kind of jars and lids.

 #2 Fridge Mats

Fridge Mats

 Buy Refrigerator Shelf Mats @ Rs 249

Keep your refrigerator clean and tidy with these fridge mats. You can even clean your fridge and rearrange it within no time, thanks to these amazing fridge mats. You can scrub the mats and clean them quickly.

#3 Fridge Racks

Fridge Racks

 Buy Fridge Shelf Sliding Drawer @ Rs 249

Is your refrigerator running out of space? Why think of buying a bigger fridge when you can use these fridge racks. You can easily attach these racks to the existing shelves in your drawer as shown in the picture and create more space without burning a hole in your pocket. Now, there is no need to dispose of leftover food just because of space constraints.

#4 Cartoon Shaped Frying Pans

Cartoon Frying Pan

 Buy Cartoon Shaped Frying Pan @ Rs 249

Do you have a hard time convincing your little one to eat? Not anymore! These cartoon shaped frying pans will make your kids meal interesting. Your kid will relish the meal as it will have a fun shape. Surprise your kid with a cartoon shaped sunny side up or omelette.

#5 Spice Rack

Rice Washing Sieve

 Buy Rice Washing Sieve @ Rs 245

Washing rice is so easy with this rice washing sieve. Add water to rice and rinse out in the sieve. The water automatically gets drained out. You can also use the sieve to wash fruits, vegetables and so on.

#6 Dip Clips

Dip clips

Buy Dip Clips (Set of 4) @ Rs 199

Sauces can be messy when mixed with other food items on the plate. Keep things clean and tidy with this dip clip. Now, you can serve french fries or any other type of finger food along with dip, sauce or chutney separately with these dip clips. These dip clips are perfect for house parties. Each dip clip comes with a soft grip button which can be easily attached to any plate.

#7 Easy-to-store Plastic Containers Set

Microwave Safe Containers Set

Buy Microwave Safe Container Set @ Rs 299

This is a quintessential item in every kitchen. You can use these storage containers to store leftover food, cut fruits, and raw vegetables. The best part is that you can even reheat the food in a microwave oven in these containers as they are microwave safe. The container set includes 7 containers of various sizes.

#8 Ice Gola/Slush Maker

Ice Gola Maker

 Buy Ice Gola Maker @ Rs 490

Summer is the time when your kids play to their heart’s content all day. An ice gola after a good game is simply refreshing. With this ice gola maker, your kids can prepare juicy and icy golas all by themselves. 

#9 Coconut Breaker

Coconut Breaker

Buy Coconut Breaker @ Rs 179

Not everyone can break a coconut in one go. When you break a coconut on the floor, it results in spillage of water which leads to wastage. Also, tiny pieces of coconut get scattered all over the place which could hurt someone. This coconut breaker makes it easy to slice a coconut and extract water from it without any wastage, thanks to the water collector that comes with it.




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