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7 Useful Car Hacks Every Driver Needs To Know

Last updated on: October 27, 2015 16:16 IST

Take a look at some of the most useful car gadgets which will make your driving experience more safe and enjoyable.

#1. Having problem in taking reverse or blind spots that could cause unwanted accidents 

Total View 360 Degree Adjustable Blind Spot Car Mirror Set Of 2Total View 360 Degree Adjustable Blind Spot Car Mirror Set Of 2

 Credit: Jazzmyride Blind Spot Mirror 

Buy Total View Blind Spot Magic Car Mirror @ Rs 299

Then check out Total View Car Mirror, a complementary mirror that gives you a wider field of vision that will give you the driving confidence you always want to have Total View Car Mirror is an additional mirror which you attach to your existing left and right side mirrors. Its concave design allows you a much wider view of cars behind you. With both Total View Car Mirrors combined, you have a 360-degree view of traffic. It virtually increases your field of vision, eliminating blind spots that could cause unwanted accidents.

#2. What you should know in case of a car accident  

Buy 5 in 1 Car Security Tool Life Saving Hammer @ Rs 325

credit: SOS Recue Tools

Make sure to keep this tools handy which helps you to get out of unexpected situations, it will help you break a car window and cut the seat belt to help driver smooth escape.

#3. Enjoy stress free driving during heavy traffic or dark conditions 

HD Visor

Buy Night View HD Vision Visor @ Rs 399

This HD Vision Night visor improves color, clarity and optical definition, so you can see better when driving. The HD vision visor blocks the direct light and gives you clear vision from headlights, streetlights and traffic lights in wet or dark conditions.

#4. Keep your mobile/tablet in a steady position

Universal Mobile Tablet Holder

Buy Universal Car Mobile/Tablet Holder @ Rs 599

Keep your gadgets handy and in a steady position with this universal mobile/tablet holder. Simply place your device and use it hands-free.

#5. Sunshade blocks sun rays from entering your car

Front sunshades


Buy Car Sunshades @ Rs 299
Your car usually gets heated up when parked in an open area due to direct sunlight. You can use this sunshade to blocks the sun rays and thereby reduces the heat in your car. This sunshade also protects your dashboard which is more likely to get damaged.
#6 Struggling to start your car? Here is a Battery Jumper Tool

Battery Jumper

Buy Car Battery Jumper Tool @ Rs 499

All you need to do is connect the red clamps to the positives of dead and donor battery and the black clamp to the donor battery and one side to the metal nut of your car's engine block. Start the donor car first followed by the the one with dead battery. 

#7 Skipped your morning tea? Enjoy it on the go! 

Tea Coffee Maker

Buy 12V Stainless Steel Tea/Coffee Maker @ Rs 395 

Simply connect this device to your car lighter socket and enjoy piping hot tea or coffee on the go.



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