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7 Unexpected Ways To Relieve Pain

Last updated on: April 02, 2015 16:32 IST

Stiff neck? Sore back? Painful  shoulders? We find the best tension-relieving tools to soothe those common body aches issues.

#1. Massage for your scalp: 

Handy Head Massager Tingler

Buy This Handy Head Massage Tingler @ 299 (Buy 1 Get 1 Free Offer)

This simple designed head massager is a cute, silly and simply wonderful device that relaxes the muscles of your head and relieves the headache.  

#2. Get a nice full head massage that makes you feels relaxed after a hard working day. Or just use it to relieve stress in the office when a lot of work has piled on!

Gizmobaba Gb15-automatic Vibrating, Relaxing Head Spa Massager

Buy Gizmobaba Automatic Relaxing Head Spa Massager @ Rs.3500

#3. Relieve eye fatigue or eye uneasiness: 

Gadget Hero's Electro Magnetic Vibrating Eye Massager Stress Buster Relaxer

Get Flat 50% Off on Electro Magnetic Vibrating Eye Massager @ Rs.1300 

After working for long hours on your computers or mobiles, give your eyes a complete relax with this electro magnet vibrating eye massager. It improves blood circulation, eliminates eye-strain and eye muscle tension. Also for people who work with eyes used most of the time, including computer operators, accountants, designers, secretaries, teachers and drivers driving for a long time.

#4. Get rid of dark circles and wrinkles under your eyes:

Philips Essential Care Hair Straightener With Face Wrinkle Decrez Massager

Buy Philips Essential Hair Care starightner With Face Wrinkle Massager @ Rs.1799

#5. Massage for Your neck, shoulder, back, buttocks and thighs: 

Sobo Neck & Shoulder Tapping Massager

Buy Sobo Neck Shoulder Tapping Massager @ Rs.1990

Experience the ultimate relief from everyday aches and pains. This device delivers a comfortable, soothing and effortless massage. It is perfect for sitting back or lying down to enjoy deep tissue massage relief. This convenience, coupled with the strength of the percussion massage is sure to make this your new favourite.

#6. Get instant rejuvenation and extreme relaxation to your entire body with this Magic Massager: 

Complete set of body massagers

Buy Magic Body Massager @ Rs.2000

Buy Soft Velvet Massage Bed Remote Control Full Body Massage @ Rs.2449

It’s a powerful hand-held massager with eight attachment options designed to stimulate pressure points and relax stiff muscles and nerves. The result is instant rejuvenation and extreme relaxation with enhanced blood circulation. High Frequency points can massage the temples and other brain points to eliminate uncomfortable feeling of drowsiness and fatigue poor memory and appetite.

#7. Ease your tense muscles and feel relaxed while you drive or work: 

Portable 5 Motor Car Seat Massager Mat Chair Whole Body With Remote

Buy Portable 5 Car Seat Massager Chair With Remote Control @ Rs.1888

This portable car seat massager is designed with multi functions for any car seat, office chair or home sofa. It has five motors in three zones that massage the neck & shoulder, upper back and lower back. Simply strap this massage pad to your chair and it gently cushions and supports your back for a comfortable ride. The new heat therapy feature will help soothe your body!



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