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Rediff News  All News  » Travel-Living » 7 Smart Alarm Clocks Guaranteed To Wake You Up

7 Smart Alarm Clocks Guaranteed To Wake You Up

November 24, 2017 17:51 IST

We bet you won't hit the snooze button with one of these clocks in your room

#1 This projector clock projects the time onto your wall

Projector Clock

Buy Projector Clock Under Rs 1000

#2 This alarm clock glows in the dark to wake you up!

Glow in the dark alarm clock

 Buy Glowing LED Colour Changing Alarm Clock @ Rs 248


#3 A clock that runs around your room till you catch it

Running Alarm Clock

 Buy Running Alarm Clock @ Rs 1399

Yes, you read it right! It not just runs around your room but beeps incessantly until you catch it! You are definitely not going to get back to bed after an early morning chase.

#4 Hit the target, not the snooze button!

Laser Gun Alarm Clock

 Buy Laser Gun Alarm Clock @ Rs 2000

This is an interesting way to get up! How about sharpening your aiming skills every morning! Just as the alarm rings, you have to aim and fire the laser gun. Hit the bullseye to turn off the alarm

#5 Let your pen stand be your alarm clock

Alarm Clock with Pen Stand

 Buy Alarm Clock with Pen Stand @ Rs 349

To make sure you get up, place this clock not by your bedside but on the study table itself. This will force you to get up and turn off the alarm. 



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