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Rediff News  All News  » Travel-Living » 7 Seriously Wonderful Massagers That Will Make You Feel Amazing

7 Seriously Wonderful Massagers That Will Make You Feel Amazing

October 20, 2015 16:54 IST

#1 Massage your head and scalp like never before – Hamza Head Massager

Hamza Head Massager

Buy Hamza Head Massager @ Rs 1235

Hamza Head & Body massager combines the comfort of your fingers with vibration technology to deliver the most delightful experience.  It is designed with powerful floating action to provide a positive massage through the finger tips scalp, face and neck. It can be run for long period of time without overheating.

#2 Enjoy foot spa in the comfort of your own home

Foot Massager

Buy Dee Mark Foot Spa Massager @ Rs 1699

Pamper your feet with a relaxing spa session in your own home with this footbath massager. The massager produces bubbles for deep cleansing, heat for providing relief from pains/aches and optimum supply of oxygen to let your feet breathe. This massager massages and refreshes your feet giving you a relaxing experience.

#3 Get relief from stress with twin touch technology U Touch 5 In 1 Massager / Vibrator

U Touch

Buy uTouch Massager @ Rs 499

Whether you spend your day in office or in the kitchen, uTouch brings quick relief whenever and wherever you need. The revolutionary twin touch point technology reduces stress and provides a comforting experience.

#4 Kawachi Portable Steam - A relaxing steam session whenever you want

Kawachi Portable Steam & Sauna Bath

Buy Kawachi Portable Steam Bath @ Rs 4190

Today, people are suffering from various ailments such as arthritis, migraine, insomnia and so on. Enjoy a relaxing steam session with Kawachi portable steam and sauna bath and relax yourself. A soothing steam session provides relief from migraine headaches and pain related to arthritis. After a sauna session, your body releases melatonin which relaxes you and allows you to have a deeper sleep.

#5 Not just relaxing, Dolphin Massager is therapeutic

Dolphin Massager

Buy Dolphin Massager @ Rs 499

Like a professional masseur, this powerful massager deeply penetrates into your muscle layers, increases your blood circulation and oxygenation. The vibration releases the muscle knots and sustained toxins. The consistent and acute massage treatment has been proved to be an effective for reducing fat. It also eliminates the pain caused by rigorous sporting activity.

#6 Rejuvenate your senses with the Maxtop Full Body Massager

Maxtop Massager

Buy Maxtop Full Body Massager @ Rs 1040

Magic Massager is a massager tool with basic science somatology (Body Anatomical Sciences) that serve to massage all parts of the body such as the head, shoulders, back, hips, buttocks, thighs, calves and feet with 7 different attachments. It relieves fatigue and relaxes the muscles. Along with relaxation, this massager also boosts your blood circulation and metabolism.

#7 Jogger Walker – Using this massager for 15 minutes = Walking 8 kms

Jogger Walker

Buy Jogger Walker @ Rs 2245

Jogger walker works just like a massager but it is a substitute for your morning and evening walks. This product is ideal for people who suffer from a lot of pain while walking for whatsoever reasons. The product has got great benefits and it offers a great way to keep your body healthy. Using the device for just 15 minutes will get you a complete healthy body. Using a jogger for 15 minutes is equal to around 10,000 steps of walking normally.



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