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Rediff News  All News  » Travel-Living » 7 Perfect Accessories That Make Your Long Weekend Drive Fun

7 Perfect Accessories That Make Your Long Weekend Drive Fun

January 23, 2015 15:33 IST

#1 Smartphone addicts need not worry! Never run out of battery with a Nokia Power Bank 

Nokia Power Bank

Buy Nokia 3000 mAh Power Bank @ Rs 549

Click here for a range of Power Banks Under Rs 1500

 If you are a Whatsapp or candy crush addict, chances that your phone may run out of battery soon. Keep a power bank handy as it comes to your rescue when you need your phone the most. The Nokia power bank comes with 3000 mAh capacity which can easily charge your phone on the go. 

#2 Earphones- If you don’t like what others are listening to!


Buy 1 Get 1 Free Superior Quality Earphones @ Rs 289

Click here for a wide range of Earphones & Headphones Under Rs 499

If your family members or friends are listening to the songs you don’t like, simply connect these earphones to your smartphone and enjoy your own music. The comfortable ear gels easily block out the external noise and let you listen to your favourite tunes.

#3 Using your phone as a navigator? Keep your phone fully charged with Belkin USB Car Charger 

Belkin USB Charger

Buy Belkin USB Car Charger @ Rs 149

Click here for a range of USB Car Chargers Under Rs 500

A USB car charger is ideal for people who are sitting on the driver and co-driver seat as the lighter cord is located there. If you have attached your smartphone on the wind screen of your car for getting easy directions, use a USB charger to charge your phone as the USB charging cord can be easily connected to your smartphone.

#4 Samsung Travel Charger - A big relief for all Samsung smartphone users 

Samsung Travel Charger

Buy Samsung Travel Charger @ Rs 349

Click here for a range of Samsung Travel Chargers Under Rs 500

If you are a Samsung smartphone user, you don’t need to carry an additional charging cord or a power bank as this travel charger comes with a detachable USB cord which can be connected to a USB charger. Clicked some pictures on the way? Transfer the photos/videos or any other file on your laptop with this detachable USB cord.

#5 Play a prank, click a selfie with a selfie stick

Selfie Stick

Buy Selfie Stick @ Rs 249

If you have had a friend/relative who has slept in the car with their mouth wide open, you felt like playing a prank like applying toothpaste or lipstick on them; admit it! Capture this funny moment taking a selfie with the victim via a selfie stick. All you have to do is attach your phone to a selfie stick and you are done.

#6 No more sharing headphones, Headphone splitter is here!

Headphone Splitter

Buy Headphone Splitter @ Rs 99

Click here for a range of Headphone/Earphone Splitters Under Rs 300

We have all that friend/cousin who wishes to share our headphones while listening to a particular song. However, one ear plug each kills the fun for both the listeners as there is too much of external noise coming in. Use a headphone splitter as it comes with a 3.5mm jack that connects to your smartphone/MP3 player and lets you connect two headphones at a time. Now you and your partner can enjoy the same song without sharing the headphones.

#7 Done with antakshari? Enjoy music with your mates on your JBL Bluetooth Speaker

JBL Micro Bluetooth Speaker

Buy JBL Micro Bluetooth Speaker @ Rs 1499

Click here for a range of Bluetooth Speakers Under Rs 2500

If you are travelling with your family/friends by train, enjoy music on the go with this amazing JBL Bluetooth speaker. Don’t judge the speaker by its size; it plays all your favourite tunes loud and clear. It is compatible with all the multimedia devices that have a 3.5mm jack port. Avoid playing the Bluetooth speaker during night journeys in the train as the amazing performance of this speaker could disturb the fellow passengers.




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