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Rediff News  All News  » Travel-Living » 7 Gadgets To Keep You Healthy and Safe in 2015

7 Gadgets To Keep You Healthy and Safe in 2015

September 07, 2015 17:07 IST

#1 Pop Up Toaster - Because skipping your breakfast to lose weight is a bad idea

Highlife Pop Up Toaster

Buy Highlife Pop Up Toaster @ Rs 599

Studies show that breakfast helps you maintain a healthy body weight. They say ‘Breakfast is the most important meal of the day’. Use this pop up toaster and enjoy a wholesome breakfast every morning as it provides you with the energy and increases your concentration and productivity at work.

#2 Juicer for fresh fruit juice -  Readymade juice packs are no less than poison


Buy Apex Fruit and Vegetable Juicer @ Rs 399

The sugar content in those readymade fruit juices is a lot higher than in the aerated drinks. This juicer allows you to make your own juice out of fresh fruits every morning. Enjoy your required dose of fresh juice everyday to lead a healthy and balanced life.

#3 Food processor - When your cook is on a leave

Kenstar Food Processor

Buy Kenstar Food Processor @ Rs 5799

Whether you want to chop, grate, shred, slice or even knead your atta, this food processor does it all for you within a fraction of seconds. You won’t require multiple equipments like a mixer and a juicer if you have this food processor. The powerful 600W motor is equipped to perform all types of cooking related tasks.

#4 NutriBullet Blender - You will never use a regular blender after reading this

Nutri Bullet Blender

Buy NutriBullet Blender @ Rs 10799

Unlike a regular blender, the NutriBullet blender unlocks all the minerals, vitamins and essential fatty acids which are deeply locked in the cell walls of fruits and vegetables. The NutriBullet breaks out the smallest and toughest ingredients in the fruit or vegetable to bring out its actual nutritional value. Not just smoothies, you can also make purees required in everyday cooking with this blender.

#5 Still washing clothes on your own? Time for a washing machine

Semi Automatic Washing Machine

Buy DMR Washing Machine @ Rs 3349

Washing clothes requires bending for long hours which could take a toll on your lower back. Invest in this pocket friendly washing machine and refrain from washing clothes manually.

#6 A mini-refrigerator – Keep your food safe

Mini Refrigerator

Buy Vox Mini Refrigerator @ Rs 2199

There are some food items which require proper storage in a cool area so that they remain fresh and safe for consumption. This mini refrigerator allows you to keep your stuff cool easily. If your house is a party destination for your friends, you can invest in this mini refrigerator and place it in the room where you are partying to enjoy drinks super cold at all times.

#7 Electronic safe - Protects your expensive belongings while you are away

Electronic Safe

Buy Ozone Electronic Safe @ Rs 4760

In this era of working women, there are chances that there is no one in the house throughout the day. What if a thief breaks in to your house and tries to steal your expensive stuff? This electronic safe by Ozone is strong, solid and is equipped to safeguard your expensive belongings.



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