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Rediff News  All News  » Travel-Living » 6 Unbelievably Easy Ways To Stay Fit

6 Unbelievably Easy Ways To Stay Fit

May 05, 2015 17:22 IST
#1. Use a resistance band & forget those lumps of fat all over your body.

Equipment: Resistance band- with this one can do exercises that normally require expensive equipments. Toned & flat abdomen muscles not only look good but are needed for supporting your back and pelvis to keep up the good posture.

Works On:  Shoulders, Upper Back, Lower Back, Quads, Calves, Abs

Recommended Exercises: Bench Press, Crossover, Curls, Shoulder Press, Lateral Raises, Upright Rows, Weight Sit-ups And More.


 Resistance Band

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#2.  Use a twisting disc to reduce weight, figure tone up, abdomen and also useful for spine fitness.

Equipment: A twist disc or board which is a round platform on which you stand and perform exercises while twisting from side to side. These are commonly seen at gyms. It relieves one from all aches, pain and makes you free from diseases, depression and tension.  A physically powerful core helps you do extremely well in athletic pursuits while decreasing your chances of injury.

Works On:  Effective in Weight Reduction, Figure Tone Up, Spine Fitness, Abdomen Trimming 


  • Make sure to keep a gap of 30 minutes after food
  • Never use this unit in case you have a bone fracture or you are wounded
  • Not for pregnant women

Twisting Disc

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#3. Use Ab-Spring for flatter abs, slimmer legs and a firmer butt.

Equipment: Ab-spring - You don't need the gym to get an intense workout. Now with Ab-Spring you may do up to 10 different workout positions which can tone all major abdominal muscles, your legs and buttocks. It is easy to assemble and store as well.

Works On: Flatter Abs, Slimmer Legs And A Firmer Butt

Recommend Exercises: Regular Ab Crunches, Cross crunches Low-Belly Leg Reach 

AB Spring

Buy Kawachi Ab-Spring Home Gym @ Just Rs.1390

4. Use sauna belt to remove unwanted body fat on abdomen, waist, back and hips.

A sauna slim belt helps you shed excess water weight, at least briefly, by causing you to sweat around the middle. It relieves joint pains, muscles pains and improves blood circulation. You can enjoy sauna heat in the comfort of your own home! This portable sauna is great for the abdomen, Waist, Back And Hips.

Works On: Effective In Adbomen Fat, Waist, Back And Hips

 Sauna Steam

Buy Sauna Belt Imported For Just Rs.210

#5. Use revoflex extreme to tone up your abs, chest, back, arms, shoulder, thighs.

Revoflex Extreme, with 6 levels and 44 different exercises you can work out your abs, chest, back, arms, shoulders thighs and glutes. It targets the upper, middle and lower abs and the core muscles simultaneously, by concisely giving them positive and negative resistance which never lets them rest.

Works On: Abs, Chest, Back, Arms, Shoulder, Thighs and Glutes

Recommend Exercises: Overhead Press, Curls, Side Raises, Lunges, Bench Press, Crossover, Curls, Shoulder Press, Lateral Raises And Many More.


Revoflex Extreme 

Buy Revoflex Extreme Home Gym Abs Machine For Just Rs.899 

#6. Fitness gym door pull ups bar for long height & many exercises.

It’s the ultimate upper body workout! Strengthen your back, chest, biceps, shoulders, abs, and more in the comfort of your living room. When installed in the doorway, the machine lets you perform pull-ups and chin-ups, with several options for working the inner and outer back.

Works On: Back, Chest, Biceps, Shoulders And Abs

Recommend Exercises: Dips, Situps, Chin-Ups, Triceps, Push Ups

Fitness Gym

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