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Rediff News  All News  » Travel-Living » 6 Must Have Devices You Need During a Power Cut

6 Must Have Devices You Need During a Power Cut

Last updated on: February 02, 2018 12:27 IST

The most irritating bit about monsoon is the frequent power cuts. Don't let a power cut ruin your happiness. Besides a box of candles and a matchbox, you need these smart devices during a power cut-

#1 Vizio Emergency Light

Vizio Emergency Lights

Buy Vizio Emergency Lights - Set of 2 @ Rs 399

Whether you are cooking or reading or doing any other activity, you need a light with adequate brightness. Invest in a superior quality emergency light if power cuts are common in your residential or work area. These emergency lights are super bright and come with a decent battery life.

#2 LED Solar Lanterns

 LED Solar Lantern

Buy 1 Get 1- LED Solar Lanterns @ Rs 449

You are studying for exams or reading an interesting novel and suddenly the power goes off! This sleek and rechargeable LED lantern is a lifesaver. The best part, it is a solar lantern which recharges itself from solar energy. Hence, you don't need electricity to charge it.

#3 Rechargeable Fan with Torch

Rechargeable Fan

 Buy Rechargeable Fan with LED Light @ Rs 499

This rechargeable fan is a saviour during power cuts. The rechargeable fan ensures optimum circulation of fresh air around you. It is really useful during power cuts and short trips as well.

#4 Hand Crank Emergency Torch

Hand Crank Emergency Torch

 Buy Hand Crank Emergency Torch @ Rs 199

When there is a power cut, most of us are simply puzzled as to what should be done next. Keep this hand crank emergency torch handy during emergency situations. You can activate the torch by a few hand cranks. No batteries and no electricity required!

#5 Inverter with Radio, USB and card slot

iPro Inverter

 Buy iPro Inverter with Radio, USB and card slot @ Rs 1599

Carry this heavy duty inverter which comes with an integrated FM radio, USB port, and memory card slot. It comes with a bulb/CFL holder (Supports bulbs up to 10W). This inverter can be operated by a fully functional remote control.

#6 Emergency Light with Seatbelt Cutter + Windshield Breaker

Emergency Rescue Tool

Buy Emergency Light + Seatbelt Cutter + Windshield Breaker @ Rs 249

Besides having an emergency LED light, this emergency rescue tool comes with a seatbelt cutter and windshield breaker which helps you get out of a car in an emergency situation.



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