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6 Intelligent Tools That Help You Overcome Stress

Last updated on: April 26, 2018 17:20 IST

Is stress taking a toll on your health and relationships? The first and foremost advice is to let go what is not in your control. Of late, stress is quite common. According to a recent survey, 46% of Indian employees suffer from stress.

Source: Economic Times

If you are one of them, here are 5 things you need to overcome stress.

#1 Dr. Marc’s Cool Eye Mask - Goodbye stress and dark circles

Eye Mask

Buy Cool Eye Mask @ Rs 179

If you spend all day on the computer at work, here is an eye mask that provides relief to your eyes. The eye mask is filled with magnetized aloe vera gel minimizes dark circles formed around eyes. Keep it in the fridge for 20 minutes and then place it on your eyes. With heat absorption therapy, this eye mask soothes your eyes.

#2 Infinity Cube - Beats stress and improves focus

Infinity Cube

Buy Infinity Cube @ Rs 899

Fidgeting with this cube improves concentration, helps you focus more on the tasks at hand. It is the perfect work desk accessory, allowing you to fidget with one hand. Need a break or brainstorming ideas? Fold the cube over and over again while you are thinking.

#3 Cube Meteor - Reduce stress and improve performance

Cube Meteor

Buy Cube Meteor @ Rs 399

This innovative tool is designed to reduce stress and improve performance. Whether you are work or in the classroom, you can use the Cube Meteor just anywhere.

It relieves all your anxiety as you rub the surface inspired by worry stones. If you have a habit of clicking a pen, there are 5 buttons on this cue which satisfy the clicker in you. There is a little joystick on the cube which lets you glide continuously. All these activities help you beat stress.

#4 Manage Stress – Personal Development Program

Manage Stress

Buy Manage Stress- Software @ Rs 449

Learn proven techniques for becoming happier and more productive. Learn how to set goals and objectives and meet them effectively. With expert advice, humorous videos and informative exercises, this program helps you identify stress, its causes and ways to overcome it.

#5 Wireless Biofeedback Device - Trains your mind to be peaceful

Biofeedback device

Buy HealthSmart Biofeedback Device @ Rs 2680

Learn to reduce your stress levels with this wireless biofeedback device by HealthSmart. Before you use this device, you must understand the thumb rule – the higher the temperature of your fingertip, the more relaxed you are and vice versa.

This device helps you see how your thoughts/feelings affect your temperature and how to control them. It trains your mind to be calmer and peaceful.

Use this device in a quiet place as you sit straight. Hold your thumb next to the trainer for it to read your temperature. Close your eyes on focus on relaxing your body. As you attain relaxation, the temperature will rise.

#6 Magnetic Hair Brush with Massager - Makes you feel calm and promotes hair growth

Magnetic Hair Brush

Buy 1 Get 1- Hair Brush with Massager @ Rs 499

It gently massages your scalp while brushing your hair. It makes you feel calm. It increases the blood circulation which helps receive vital nutrients thus reducing hair fall.



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