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Rediff News  All News  » Travel-Living » 6 Clever Ways To Carry Your Baby With Ease Wherever You Go

6 Clever Ways To Carry Your Baby With Ease Wherever You Go

Last updated on: November 17, 2015 17:27 IST

What's the best way to hold a small child when we're travelling? That depends to a great extent on where and how you're travelling, as well as your child's age and weight. Strollers, backpacks, front carriers, and slings can all do the job, but each is best suited for certain situation and circumstances.

1. When you baby is just 5 month: Use a baby travel carry cot or crib as it gives you a freedom of staying almost anywhere you want without having to worry about where the baby will sleep. A travel cot can also provide an extra sleeping place for babies who come to stay at your home.

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2. When your baby started to crawl and ready to walk straight - Moon walk is for children between the ages of 6 months to 14 months to help them to walk not for any other usages. Also there is no reason for bending down and hurting your backs while trying to teach your baby to walk.

Moby Baby Moon Walk

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3. Install a Baby Car Seat for a child safety:  When you decide to take your child in a car, it’s important for you to understand his/her age and weight. Here are the three types of baby car seat.

a) Normal baby car seats for infant:  These should always face the rear of the car. They have a weight limit of between 10 to 15kg.

b) Convertible car seats; these functions as both rear-facing seats for babies and toddlers and forward-facing seats for older children.

c) Belt-positioning booster seats: Most of the parents want to carry their toddlers along with them, wherever they are going. But when they are outside in the open air with their little ones, they don’t have control over the weather changes. The little ones who have just started to walk and explore new things, become vulnerable to environmental changes. The Car Seat and Bassinet Rain Cover gives ultimate comfort to your baby and keeps your little one protected from wind and rain. It provides complete protection for your child, and you can rest your child in a comfortable position in it and carry it along with you anytime, anywhere. Moreover, the Bassinet rain cover ensures that your little angel will not get wet when it is raining outside. The car seats enable the baby to relax and play while it is out for an evening stroll with its parents.

 Car Seat and Rain Cover


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4. When you want to keep your baby close to you while having your hands free for other activities: Many parents prefer shopping and running household tasks easier when their baby is carried along.

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5. When you want give your New Born a Smooth Ride With Pram:  A pram is intended to carry newborns and younger babies, usually while they're lying down. When looking at pram, check whether the backrest can be adjusted. It needs to be able to lie completely flat for a newborn.

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6. When you baby started learning to walk:  It’s time for you to buy new baby walkers which helps your baby to walk fast and easily. He/she can play, roam now easily without much of your help.

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