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5 Useful Ways to Keep Pests & Rodents Away

November 25, 2016 18:30 IST

You may get your house cleaned on a daily basis but the presence of cockroaches, lizards, pests and rats in & around your house is irksome especially when you are sleeping or enjoying your favourite delicacies. These pests and rodents pose a hazard to your health. What if a pest enters the cooking vessel? The outcome could be extremely dangerous!

We spend thousands every year on pest control but they keep attacking the house again. Today, we have a permanent solution to this type of worries. Here are 5 smart devices along with really helpful tips to keep your house free from all these annoying creatures –

#1 Electronic Pest & Mosquito Killer

Electronic Mosquito Killeer

 Buy Electronic Pest & Mosquito Killer @ Rs 399

This device is effective for keeping mice, bugs, lizards, spiders, mosquitoes and pests away from your house and car. The ultrasonic sound waves are known to attack the auditory and nervous system of the pests which causes them pain and discomfort. This device slowly but surely eliminates the household pests without emitting fumes or any sort of odour.

#2 Aoekman Dual Sonic Pest & Rat Repeller

Ultrasonic pest repeller

 Buy Ultrasonic Pest & Rat Repeller @ Rs 1499

This energy saving device keeps rats, mice, roaches, mosquitoes and other creatures away. Simply plug into the wall power socket and see how the device eliminates those irritating pests. This device releases high intensity sound waves that is out of the hearing range of the humans but is very disturbing to the pets which drives them out of the house.

#3 Aeokman Ultrasonic Rat Repellent

Rat Pest Chaser

Buy Ultrasonic Rats / Pest Repeller @ Rs 599

With sonic technology, this device drives out the hidden rats from your house. You can use this device in homes, cars and offices. Plug into the electronic socket and it will drive the pests away.  

#4 Electronic Insect killers

Electronic Insect Killers

 Buy Electronic Insect/Mosquito Killers Under Rs 300

Plug into the electrical socket and the device will kill all types of mosquitoes and pests.

Natural ways to keep them out -


If you have identified a particular area where are a lot of ants, you can spray soap water to restrict their entry.


Mosquitoes breed in dirty areas. Keep your surroundings clean and tidy. Apply neem oil on your exposed skin to keep mosquitoes at bay.


You can keep cockroaches away by washing your house with soap water. You can also place cucumber slices to block their entry. You can also sprinkle boric powder at their frequented places as it is toxic in nature.



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