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Rediff News  All News  » Travel-Living » 5 Toys That Make Your Kid an All Rounder

5 Toys That Make Your Kid an All Rounder

Last updated on: November 18, 2015 16:42 IST

#1 Remote Controlled Cars – Improves your kid's hand-eye coordination

Stunt Car Demo


Remote Toy Cars

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Kids take time to develop hand eye coordination in life. However, playing with remote controlled toys improves the hand eye coordination quite faster. Your kid learns to stay focused as he has to control the toy without crashing it. This enables your kid to improve the hand eye coordination which is extremely essential in the life ahead.

#2 Educational Gadgets – Helps your kid learn while they play

Kids Laptop and Tablet

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With this new age kids’ laptop and tablet, your kid can learn new spellings, words, pronunciations and play games that stimulate their overall development. These devices make your kid learn a lot of things in a fun way along with giving them a satisfaction of operating an electronic device.

#3 Flying Toys – Teach your kid to handle things carefully

Angry Birds Toy Demo


Flying Toys

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Besides raising the excitement levels of your kid, these flying toys improve their concentration as the challenge is to safely steer the toy without colliding it with any other object. Another good part about flying toys is that they reduce stress as their unpredictable movement in the air always keeps you hooked on to see the toy without thinking about anything else.

#4 Solar Toys – Sharpens your kid’s thinking ability

Solar Toys

Buy Solar Toys Starting @ Rs 299

The solar toys allow you to make several toy models out of the available plastic parts. Solar toys are a smart decision as they encourage your kid to rack their brains. Your kid learns to think constructively as he/she tries to make a model out of the pieces.

Your kid usually goes through a lot of challenges while making a new model every time which sharpens their thinking ability.

Besides intellectual skills, your kid also learns the invaluable lessons of team spirit and positive thinking.

#5 Inflatable Toys – Let your kid unwind

Inflatable Toys

Buy Inflatable Toys Starting @ Rs 249

After playing and learning all day, let your kid have some fun. If you are unable to spare time for your kid to take them to a swimming pool, bring one home for them. The best part about this inflatable swimming pool is that you can use them at home or take them on a trip whenever you want. You can fold it when not in use. Along with the pool, you can also pick some inflatable furniture for your kid/s in your house.



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