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Rediff News  All News  » Travel-Living » 5 Tips to make your house safer for children

5 Tips to make your house safer for children

Last updated on: June 13, 2019 14:19 IST

The cackles of a baby add life to your house. Sometimes they can be the loud horn noise when you are asleep and turn your house upside down within minutes. But you have to agree that they become your stress busters with the cute things they do. When they start walking around it’s like a butterfly has emerged out of the cocoon, and you have to care for them more. We are going to help you with that by suggesting small changes to your apartment which will help you to safe guard your little toddlers.

#1 Table corner protection cover:


Corner Protection

Buy a pack of 10 table protection cover for Rs.500

Table corners are dangerous for a little kid learning to walk. Use a table corner protection cover to protect your kid from getting hurt in the head or eyes while running around the house. You can easily attach a soft silicone protection cover at the corner of your furniture after wiping the dust, oil and water from the surface. Strip the tape on the isolation paper and put pressure on it to paste.


#2 Drop resistance pillow :

Pillow Protection


Buy drop resistance head and back protection pillow worth Rs.1800 for just Rs.1,190

When your baby is trying to sit - a strong neck, upper back, and lower back muscles are all needed to sit up alone. Propping them up with the support of a drop resistance pillow or leaning them against something soft will help them to sit. Use a back and head protection pillow, since babies tend to lose their balance and fall backwards

#3 Sanitize everything: 

When babies start putting things in their mouth, it indicates a growing interest in the world around them. This is a perfectly normal way for them to explore their surroundings. Since they are not very adept at using their fingers, they use their mouth to know more about an object's touch, about how it smells or sounds and how it tastes. That's how they learn about the world.

Although this is a positive experience for your child, you want to ensure his safety. Make sure you don't have small objects lying around the house which could create a choking or medical hazard, like batteries, small lego blocks, screws ... get the idea?

What about all the germs? It is less likely that your baby will get sick by licking a toy that's lying on the floor. It's the viruses and bacteria that make them sick, and not the dust. Make sure you keep your child away from a child who is sick. It's best not to share toys with sick children or when your child is sick. Washing / sanitizing their hands and toys regularly is also important.

#4 Stay away from those sockets!

One of the most common mistakes made by parents is to keep electric sockets unprotected. A secret opening in the wall is exactly the kind of thing that stokes a kid's curiosity ... you want to make sure they don't do that!

A lot of new sockets are designed in a way that safeguards children from shocks. If you have open sockets at your house, you don't need to replace them. You can plug in an electric socket cover in unused sockets. These are easy to install and difficult for kids to pull off. They can be removed by parents using a special key. These electric socket covers are available for as little as Rs. 50 at your local hardware store or online.


Socket CoverBuy a pack of 12 electric socket covers for Rs.450


#5 Multi-purpose storage boxes:

A common hazard seen in houses for babies is toys that are lying around on the floor. If the toys are sharp, they can hurt kids in the knees or feet. It might be a good idea to use a multi-purpose storage box to keep those toys safely stowed away when not needed. You can also use them for organizing their clothes, medicines and other supplies.

We hope these tips help keep your child safe at home!

 Tile image: Kind courtesy Pixabay 



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