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Rediff News  All News  » Travel-Living » 5 Struggles People Face While Travelling During Monsoons

5 Struggles People Face While Travelling During Monsoons

June 15, 2015 16:02 IST

#1 Whether you have an umbrella or a rain jacket (windcheater), your bottoms (jeans/trousers) are always drenched as an umbrella or a rain jacket is not enough to protect you from heavy rainfall.

Rain Jackets

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Solution: Use this full raincoat set to stay protected. These windcheaters are made of waterproof TH4 material that is durable, lightweight and durable. It is highly comfortable to wear these rain jackets while travelling.

#2 When you board a train, the fellow commuters gets furious as you end up ruining their attire with your wet clothes.

Rain Suit

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Solution: The superior PVC material of this raincoat does not allow the water to stay on the raincoat.

#3 People who ride a bike are also not sorted as their denims/trousers get drenched in rains even after wearing a windcheater or rain jacket.

Rain Jacket

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Solution: This full length raincoat protects your denims/trousers from getting wet

#4 While travelling in rains, most people are always worried about the laptop or important documents in their bag as the rain water could ruin it.

Raincoat for Bag

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Solution: Use this uber cool rain coat which is spacious enough to protect your medium sized bag. However, if you have a large size bag, you can go for this raincoat specially designed for your bag.

#5 There are people who do not prefer a raincoat as they find it extremely suffocating to stay in one and that’s why they prefer an umbrella.

Rainsuit Umbrella

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Solution: These raincoats are made of breathable PVC material which protects you from rain and provides adequate ventilation at the same time.



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