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5 Smart Ways To Keep Your Home Pest-Free

August 14, 2017 16:45 IST

If crawling bugs is a big no-no for you, here are 5 smart ways to keep your home pest-free without using harsh chemicals.

#1 For Mosquitoes - Photocatalyst Mosquito Killer

Mosquito Killer

Buy Photocatalyst Mosquito Killer @ Rs 399

This mosquito killer is safer than most repellents available. It attracts the bugs and then kills them. Unlike mosquito sprays, this one does not produce foul odour. It is a mess free mosquito killer is easy to operate and clean. The innovative design enables easy collection and cleaning of insects. Use it on a daily basis to keep mosquitoes and flies at bay.

#2 For Rats - Herbo Pest Rat Repellent Spray

Rat Repellent Spray

Buy Rat Free Rat Repellent Spray @ Rs 375

Have you tried everything to get rid of the rats in your house? This rat repellent spray helps you get rid of rats quickly and completely. Say goodbye to rat problems as you spray Rat Free. Made of herbal ingredients, this spray is completely harmless. Do not spray where food is kept. It must be sprayed liberally near open areas.

#3 For Termites - Herbo Pest Termite Spray

Termite Spray

Buy Termite Free Termite Control Spray @ Rs 319

If there is a lot of wooden furniture at your home, you must invest in this specially formulated herbal spray called 'Termite Free'. Termites are basically wood-destroying insects which eat up the wood gradually and end up ruining the wood. This termite control spray can be sprayed around infected areas.
It effectively kills wood-destroying insects.

#4 For Mosquitoes - No Mosquito Patches

Mosquito Patch

Buy Mosquito Patch Set @ Rs 149

These mosquito patches are small stickers which can be stuck anywhere on the clothes. It creates a shield around the user and does not let mosquitoes come near by. Apply it behind collars, skirts, shorts, etc. so that it is not visible.

#5 For Cockroaches - Anti Cockroach Gel

Cockroach Killer

Buy Anti-cockroach Gel - Pack of 2 @ Rs 269

Say goodbye to cockroaches forever with this anti cockroach gel. Apply this odour-less cockroach gel as strips or spots of the size of a small pea, generally 8-10 spots/sq.m initially. Use it in a larger quantity if there are larger cockroaches or severe infestations in your house.



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