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Rediff News  All News  » Travel-Living » 5 Party Lights To Sparkle Your House This New Year's Eve

5 Party Lights To Sparkle Your House This New Year's Eve

Last updated on: December 16, 2014 11:52 IST

Why visit night clubs and discotheques on New Year’s Eve when you can organise a rocking party at home? Whether it is a friend’s place or yours, a house party is any day better than clubbing as there are no risks involved like safety of your female friends or driving back home.

Besides food and drinks, lighting up your home is an essential element in a house party as it sets the right party atmosphere.

Here are the 5 party lights to sparkle your house this new year’s eve –

#1 Rotating Party Light

Rotating Party Light

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 Create a ballroom type atmosphere in your very own drawing room with this rotating party light. Simply place a couple of these lights on your ceiling and enhance the look of your ceilings. The surprise element of these lights is that they turn off along with the music. So, let the music play!

#2 Colourful Disco Ball

Colourful Disco Ball

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 Place these lights on the desk or a table in your drawing room and enjoy a colourful atmosphere. The lights move in circular direction and create a jazzy atmosphere. Along with new year’s eve, you can also use these lights during birthday parties or other fun events at home.

#3 Laser Light Projector

Laser Projector

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Visit any top notch discotheques in your city and you will find laser lights on and around the dance floor. Don’t leave any stone unturned in giving a discotheque effect to your drawing room. Get these amazing laser lights and create a classy ambience. Place them in a direction where the entire focus of the lights remain on the dancing area.

#4 LED Crystal Lamp

LED Crystal Lamp

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Illuminate your dance floor with an LED crystal lamp. The light when passes through the crystal lamp creates an amazing geometrical pattern making your floor artistic and colourful.

#5 LED Rice Rope Light

LED Rope Light

LED Rice Rope Lights Under Rs 199

 Decorate the meal area, walls and the entrance of your house with these fantastic rope lights. Let your neighbours know you have a party at home.



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