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Rediff News  All News  » Travel-Living » 5 Effective Ways to Choose The Right LED Lighting For Your Home

5 Effective Ways to Choose The Right LED Lighting For Your Home

Last updated on: May 27, 2016 13:48 IST

In today's day & age, a new energy-efficient lighting choice is introduced very often. Initially, there were compact fluorescent lights (CFLs), then improved CFLs with more capabilities, and now LED lights.

Even when considering only bulbs designed for household there are many different types of LEDs to consider. Since the bulb must fit in the lamp, it’s very important to look into their shape, size, and base configuration that match the bulb that is being replaced. It is also important to consider the light intensity and colour. Take a look some of the best option of led lights for your home.

#1. For Living Room: If you are considering LED for living room, warm white is the preferred choice, and cooler tones can look unflattering. 

12 W LED Bulb Set Of 4 B22 Type Socket

 Buy 12 Watt LED Bulb Set Of 4 For Just Rs.398

Red, green, and blue LED bulbs are also available which you can use as decorative lamps or inside your ceiling to give it a different look.

#2. For Bedroom: It’s very essential to have the right lighting in your bedroom. Before you select the right bulbs or tubes make sure you have the right fixtures to fit in.

a) Round  and Square Ceiling LED Panel Light: Brighten up the bedroom white coloured LED light. Round in shape, the light is suitable to be installed on the ceiling of your bedroom. It comes with a LED driver, which is designed using cutting-edge technology. The light is eco-friendly and durable.

Square Ceiling LED Panel Light - 12 Watt (pack Of 5 Bulb)

Buy Ceiling LED Panel Light

b) Special LED Bulb for reading -  It saves your eyes from problems due to the usage of CFL Bulbs

Ni Marketing LED Bulb 15 Watt 1 PC

Buy LED Bulb 15 Watt

c) Neck Reading LED lamps For Reading: Now you can get light wherever you need it with Hug Light, the light with flexible arms that you can twist and bend. You can hang it around your neck or even coil it up like a snake and stand it.

 LED Adjustable Neck Reading Book Lights Lamp

Buy Adjustable LED Reading Book Light Lamp

#3. For Bathroom: Now change your bathroom into a place worthy of preparing for the day with the help of LED lighting.

a) With this LED bulbs you can cut down power and heat output in the small space while increasing brightness for overall satisfaction!

5 Watt LED Lamps Pack Of 5 PCs

Buy 5 Watt Led Lamp Pack Of 5

Now never worry about remembering to flip the switch again. Use these mighty lights lamps that use the best quality LED lighting and consumes only 1 watt of power and can last up to 30,000 hours (more than 10 years at the rate of 8 hours of usage per day).

b) Use Light Sensor Activated Light that needs no wiring for use in Cabinets, Basements, Garage and Bathroom etc. Easy peel/stick or screw installation to put light where you need it.

Indoor & Outdoor Light Mighty Light Motion & Light Sensor Activated

Buy Mighty Light Motion Sensor Activated LED Light For Your Home

#4. For Garden: Light up the night of your garden with the power of the sun!

Gadget Hero's Solar Powered Rechargeable LED Flowerbed Garden Lawn Walkway

Buy Solar Powered Rechargeable LED Light

This Solar-powered garden lights harness and store the power of the sun and use it to provide ambient lighting for walkways, gardens, lawn, flowerbeds, and driveways. Simply place the stakes into the ground, and you're done - no need for electrical cords, and the lights automatically illuminate at dusk! The lights versatility is further increased because of their weatherproof construction for years of durability in wind, snow, rain, ice, and other natural elements.

#5. For Use In Emergency:  You can try these set Of 2 Dp 21 LED emergency light with 5 hrs backup

Set Of 2 Dp 21 LED Emergency Light 5 Hrs Backup

Buy Set Of 2 Led Emergency Lights



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