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Rediff News  All News  » Travel-Living » 4 Things to Consider While Buying A Dinner Set

4 Things to Consider While Buying A Dinner Set

Last updated on: October 15, 2015 15:00 IST

Dinnerware or tableware is a necessary utility item for any home. After all, the plates, bowls, and cups used to serve a meal make a statement about the owner and set a tone for the meal. When buying dinnerware, keep an account on these 4 factors that help in identifying the best purchase for their needs. 

#1 Material

Melamine Dinner set

Buy Melamine Dinner Set (32 Pcs.) @ Rs 731

Corelle dinner sets are made of a unique glass called Vitrelle and it’s made with a proprietary mix of raw materials (including recycled Vitrelle, for you eco-conscious consumers). The special melamine dinner set is versatile dinnerware as thin and translucent as fine china, yet dramatically stronger.

#2 Number of pieces

Kitchenware with Dinner Set

Buy 111 Pcs. Kitchenware with Dinner Set @ Rs 2699

Choose a dinner set that has more number of plates, bowls and spoons than needed in everyday life as you may not know when unexpected guests show up. When there are more guests coming in, give up the urge to serve in melamine or ceramic, go for this elaborate steel dinner set.

#3 Purpose


Denso Dinner Set

Buy Microwave Series Denso Dinner Set (24 Pcs.) @ Rs 699

If you are buying a dinner set for everyday use, go for a 32 piece melamine dinner set which contains spoons, plates, serving bowls etc. However, when there are guests coming over, go for this elaborate 19 pcs dinner set as it contains soup spoons, soup bowls, bigger serving bowls etc. Don’t worry about kids breaking the plate as this dinner set is unbreakable.

#4 Design


Dinner Set


Buy Dinner Set (34 Pcs.) @ Rs 1849

The design of your dinner set should not be loud as it kills the look of your food. Avoid buying plates with large prints as they overpower the colour of your curries. A person should feel tempted to eat the food by looking at it. Look for designs with plain colours in the background and a fairly simple print.



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