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Rediff News  All News  » Travel-Living » 4 Situations Where You Wish You Had a Mini Sewing Machine

4 Situations Where You Wish You Had a Mini Sewing Machine

Last updated on: August 25, 2015 17:29 IST

#1 When there is an important office meeting and your outfit gets ripped off

Handheld Sewing Machine

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You have an important scheduled in the evening. During the lunch hour, your colleague notices something in your outfit and informs you about it. The stitch of your top has come off. A ripped top can cause you a lot of embarrassment in public.

Use this handheld sewing machine to mend the stitch quickly. 

#2 When there is a special occasion

Cordless Portable Sewing Machine

Buy Cordless Portable Sewing Machine @ Rs 799

There is a birthday, anniversary or any other special celebration in your family. Your outfits are ironed and ready to be worn. While wearing it, you realise that the hem of your petticoat is a little uneven as it has come off.

Don’t worry! This handheld sewing machine can easily fix the hem of your petticoat.  

#3 When you like to make clothes at home

Portable Sewing Machine

Buy 4 in 1 Mini Portable Sewing Machine with Foot Pedal @ Rs 999

If there is a pair of jeans lying in your wardrobe which you never wear because of a stain in it. You can convert the same pair of jeans into shorts with this handheld sewing machine. Women can make crop tops out of their t shirts which have stopped wearing. Simply cut the jeans or t shirt in the desired length and stitch the hem with this sewing machine.

#4 When the mischievous kids cause unwanted mishaps in the house

Kid Playing

Buy Mini Sewing Machines Under Rs 1000

We all know what happens when the kids play in the house. The furniture and other expensive home décor items are always at risk. What if the kids of your family pulled down the curtains or spoilt the table cloth! A mini sewing machine can come handy in these situations. You can simply stitch the curtains back or shorten the length of your table cloth with this mini sewing machine instead of getting a new one.



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