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Rediff News  All News  » Travel-Living » 4 Reasons Why You Should Buy Gold Coins This Gudi Padwa

4 Reasons Why You Should Buy Gold Coins This Gudi Padwa

Last updated on: March 19, 2015 10:24 IST

The auspicious occasion of Gudi Padwa is just around the corner. As per Hindu mythology, buying gold is considered auspicious on occasions like Gudi Padwa, Akshaya Tritiya, Diwali etc. However, buying gold coins are the right buy this Gudi Padwa.

Here are the 4 reasons why gold coins make more sense than gold jewellery –

#1 Making charges

Gudi padwa special gold coins

0.300 mg REAL SILVER COIN FREE with 24 Karat 995 Real Gold Coin (450 mg) @ Rs 2450

0.300 mg REAL SILVER COIN FREE with 24 Karat 995 Real Gold Coin (250 mg) @ Rs 1375

0.500 mg REAL SILVER PAAN FREE with 24 Karat 995 Real Gold Paan (450 mg) @ Rs 2550

Every time you buy or sell gold jewellery, making charges make the transaction all the more taxing. When you buy gold jewellery, you need to pay making charges but when you sell the gold jewellery; you do not get returns on the making charges. Buy gold coins instead of gold jewellery to avoid the hassles of making charges.

#2 Convert your coins to a jewellery at any time

Half Gram Coin

Buy 0.5 Gram Gold Coin @ Rs 1660

If you own gold jewellery and wish to convert the jewellery in to some other piece of gold, you will simply get the value of gold without making charges and you will have to pay additional charges for the new design. However, when you have gold coins, it is easier to convert as you don’t lose out on anything.

#3 Best way to invest

1 gram gold coins

Buy Om 24 Karat 995 Pure Gold Coin @ Rs 3090    

Buy Om 24 Karat 999 Pure Gold Coin @ Rs 3120

The word ‘investment’ means pooling in money for profit. With gold jewellery, you end up wasting the money as you cannot get the value of making charges in return. When you sell a gold coin, you earn a profit if you have bought it a lower rate and sell it at a higher rate.

#4 Safety comes first

Two gram gold coins

Buy 2 Grams 24 Karat 995 Pure Gold Coin with BIS Hallmark @ Rs 5830


Carrying a bag full of gold coins is easier than wearing gold jewellery as the chances of a theft are higher. Whether you are storing or wearing, a gold coin is way more feasible than gold jewellery.



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