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3 Summer Decor Trends for Your Home

April 02, 2018 12:54 IST

Summer is here and it's time to make little changes to uplift the spirit of your home. The first and foremost tip is to break free and get creative with colours to brighten up your space.

The point is to get your home ready for summer. No matter what your style is, contemporary, retro or minimalist, there's something that will complement your taste -

Pick pastels

Summer bedsheets

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Pastel shades are refreshing and soothing to the eyes. No better time than summers to experiment with pastel shades preferably greens and blues. Add a couple of indoor plants to add a touch of outdoors. If you have milky white walls, opt for an olive or beige coloured sofa, invest in a couple of pastel coloured bedsheets to set the mood for summer.

Cosy is always in


During summer, you don't want to step out in the scorching heat and prefer staying indoors. Add a lot of yellows, blues, and greens to make your space more lively. Choosing the right colours makes your home cosy. If you don't wish to make changes to your sofa set, add pastel coloured cushions and a couple of art pieces in and around the house to make your space warm and comforting.

Flaunt your love for floral prints

Summer curtains

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This summer, spruce up your space with floral prints. If not bedsheets, you can go for curtains with floral prints to enhance your decor.



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