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20 Lingerie Gifts for a Romantic Valentine's Day

February 07, 2017 17:36 IST

Valentine's day is not just about buying some flowers and showing up at your loved one's door. This Valentine's day, make sure you redefine the meaning of love and romance by buying something sensuous and surprise your special someone. Pamper your love with exclusive lingerie. Choose lingerie that suits your lady's style and enhances her feminine side.

Here are 20 lingerie gifts for a romantic Valentine's day-

#1 Bralette-Babydoll Sets

Bralettes with Baby doll Sets

Buy Babydoll Dress with Bralette Under Rs 1200

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The bralette-babydoll sets are just perfect for the die-hard romantic couples. They never leave a chance to get closer, indulge in dirty talk and so on. If you are one of them, take your romance to the next level by buying one of these babydoll set with bralette. Thinking of the right Valentine's day gift for her? Pick this amazing lingerie set for your lady love. Live your fantasies as you see your lady dress in one of these. Enjoy a little bit of skin show, thanks to the mesh detailing.

#2 Nightwear

Nightwear Sets

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There are couples who are too much into love and then there are the ones who just want to have a great time together by enjoying some wine or catching up a romantic flick. Planning to spend some fun time with your partner? Slip into one of these ultra-comfortable nightsuits which will spice things up. After all, Valentine's day is not just about going under the sheets but about meaningful couple time.

#3 Bralettes-Satin Nighty Sets

Bralettes with Satin Nighty

 Buy Bralettes with Satin Nighty Combo Under Rs 1000

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You are more than just friends with your lady. You both fight like a couple but are not ready to admit being one. You can quarrel all day long but you both also know how to make it up with a cosy session. If you have recently fought with your special someone, you can consider buying one of this lingerie gift set for your partner. The set consists of a bralette with a babydoll dress. Ladies, you can wear a bralette and surprise your man by slowly undressing it. What are you waiting for? Gear up for a crazy night.

#4 Thongs


 Buy Thongs Under Rs 400

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Take a break from the everyday panty. Ladies, it's Valentine's day. Try and make it a little different by wearing one of these fancy thongs. When it comes to buying Valentine's day gift for her, a pair of thongs never fail. These sexy thongs are sure to enhance your sex appeal. These V-day special thongs will make your man want you more than ever.

#5 Babydolls with Thongs

Babydolls with Thongs

 Buy Babydoll with Thong Set Under Rs 850

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If you like things to be subtle, take a look at our babydoll sets to find the perfect Valentine's day gifts for her. These babydoll sets don't reveal much and leave more to the imagination. The ladies can also wear these babydoll sets under one of their sexy one piece dresses as it adds to their femininity. Get ready for an intimate encounter with your loved one in one of these babydoll sets. They are way more sexy than your everyday nightwear. We are sure you can't wait to see your lady in one of these sexy babydoll sets.



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