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Rediff News  All News  » Travel-Living » 14 Toys That Will Make You Want to be a Kid Again

14 Toys That Will Make You Want to be a Kid Again

Last updated on: February 01, 2017 18:04 IST

#1 A kitchen set for your little cooking enthusiast. With a cookware set and a lot of small kitchen accessories, this kitchen looks very real

Kitchen set

Buy Modern Kitchen Set with Light & Sound @ Rs 899

#2 Let your little one bounce around the house in joy on this inflatable animal hopper

Inflatable Animal Hopper

Buy Crazy Inflatable Animal Bouncer Space Hopper @ Rs 449

#3 This fun ride-on scooter is not just meant for kids but for adults too. It is ideal for moving around on holidays

Ride on scooter

Buy Ride On Scooter @ Rs 694

#4 Speak to the cat and she will speak back to you! Touch the left ear and hear the cat sing songs. Touch the right ear, the cat will tell stories. How cool!

Talking Cat Toy

Buy Talking Toy Cat @ Rs 299

#5 This electronic tablet helps your kid improve their spellings and pronunciations.

P1000 Kids Tablet

Buy P1000 Kids Educational Tablet @ Rs 225

#6 Along with learning, the mini drum set allows your child to play music and improve their hand-eye-coordination.

Kids Drum Set

Buy Kids Drum Set @ Rs 338

#7 Remember those spinning tops? The Beyblade is a modern version of a spinning top


Buy Beyblade Stadium Battle with Spinning Tops Set @ Rs 349

#8 If your little man loves to watch action movies, he will definitely love these little guns!

Toy guns

Buy Toy Guns Under Rs 300

#9 This amazing stunt car with remote defies gravity and can run on any smooth surface including the ground, wall and ceiling. Awesome, isn't it?

Wall Climbing RC Car

Buy Wall Climbing Toy Car with Remote @ Rs 745

#10 Make your kid strong and future ready with this boxing set. It includes gloves, punching bags and head gear

Boxing set

Buy Kids Boxing Set @ Rs 349

#11 This toy is a delight for your little soccer lover at home. This multi-surface Indoor Air Power Soccer Disc hovers over hard surfaces with ease by pushing out powerful gusts of air to glide through any hard surface! This is the best way to play soccer indoors with your little one.


Air power soccer disk game

Buy Air Power Soccer Disc @ Rs 399

#12 Your kid can now construct 14 types of toy models with this do-it-yourself solar powered toy kit

Solar Powered Kit

Buy Solar Powered Toy Set @ Rs 399

#13 Watching a spinning top in motion is a fascinating sight for your little one. This spinning top set is a perfect gift for your kid. It comes with light and music which makes it all the more exciting

Spinning Top

 Buy Spinning Top Set @ Rs 299




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