They've ripped through the sparkling water and created huge waves.They've dived to the deepest depths and swum to the furthest ends. They've caught the wind in their sails and ridden atop the roughest surfs
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US still rules the pool
Hackett is long-distance champ,Bruijn takes
  the sprint
When Popov spelt perfection
Haul of fame for US swimmers
Perkins on course, Thorpe chases number five
US offers to say sorry
Popov gets last stab at glory
Guinea glories in defeat again
De Bruijn hopes to make it Double Dutch
Krayzelburg, de Bruijn grab more gold
US women take relay gold
Pieter the Great rules; Hyman stuns O'Neill
Popov faces the Hoogie bogie
Aussies win 4x200 freestyle relay
Move over Thorpe, here comes Moussambani
Pool splash whets appetite
Nisha Millet knocked out of swimming
Thorpe beaten in 200m final
Six in the bag for Jenny Thompson
World records tumble in Olympic pool
Another world record goes down
Pool sizzles as records tumble
Klochkova smashes world record
Thorpe again, as Aus upsets US in relay
Chinese world champ kayoed in heats
The great swimming cover-up
US team thrills to the big clash
Oz hell bent on busting US bubble
Thorpe returns to his pool
Aus coach demands EPO test for swimmers
Russian to sue after positive test
Shamed China looks to make big splash
Hackett backs out of pre-Games Showdown
Vintage Popov hopes to make golden Goodbye
Thorpedo ready to explode
SA denies drug seizure report
Diet pills, not drugs: SA coach
Thorpe insulated from Olympic hype
British swimmers look for medals
Taut nerves for Aus swimmers
Record spree likely in Olympic pool
Popov trains in isolation
Olympic pools wow British swimmers
Big Sister becomes legend
Sync Diving
Chinese men take synchro gold
Chinese women take synchro-gold
Crunch time for Little Darling-turned- Big Sister
Russia wins synchronised diving gold
Sync Swimming

In Sync
The sports of synchronised swimming has a rich history. Find out all about it.
Splashing Success.
Those medals...
Those medals...

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