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Cupid strikes Indian hockey couple

Last updated on: October 8, 2010 09:13 IST

'He proposed two years after we first met'


Harish Kotian

Indian hockey star Shivendra Singh is all set to tie to knot with former Indian women's hockey player Nishi Chauhan, later this year. Nishi reveals details of their romance in a tete-a-tete with Harish Kotian.

India's hockey striker Shivendra Singh has scored numerous goals on the playing field, but his most special one has been off it.

Shivender is set to tie the knot in December with former Indian women's hockey player Nishi Chauhan after a six-year romance.

Nisha reveals how Shivendra took nearly two years to muster the courage to propose to her after the couple first met in 2002.

It was on Christmas Day in 2004 that the star striker finally admitted his love but even that was not straightforward.

"It was way back in 2002 when we were both playing for Western Railway that we first met and started talking to each other but we never expressed our feelings. During those days we were not romantically inclined towards each other but somehow rumors of our romance came out in the open.

"Then after two years, in 2004, he actually gathered courage to come and tell me. He actually did not propose me but merely said that he admires and respects me a lot," Nishi told at the Major Dhyanchand stadium in Delhi.

Image: Shivendra Singh and Nishi Chauhan


'We will get married after the Asian Games'

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Nishi, who was also a striker in the Indian team, said initially she was not sure of her interest in Shivendra but eventually gave in to his simplicity. "At first, I was a bit reluctant but then I wondered, 'why shouldn't I'? I then accepted him in my life and now after all these years I am happy that I took the right decision."

Nishi also added that she was a great fan of Shivendra's game and looked to emulate him. "I used to admire Shiva's game very much when he played for Western Railways. Being a forward myself, I liked his style and dedication and tried to emulate him," she added.

Interestingly, Nishi, who played for India between 1999-2004, is serving as a volunteer at the Commonwealth Games in Delhi.

She then went to reveal their plans of a grand wedding, which is scheduled be held in Gwalior on December 10.

"We will get married in December, after the Asian Games. The cards are ready too.

"And yes Shiva's wedding outfit is ready. We have already done his shopping because I know he will be very busy playing for India for the next couple of months. After the Commonwealth Games, once I get free, I will also do my shopping," she added.

Like Shivendra, Nishi also excelled as a striker and was part of the Indian team that won bronze at the Asia Cup in 2000.

Image: Shivendra Singh and Nishi Chauhan

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'I found it tough to get back into Indian team after my surgery'

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However, an unfortunate injury forced her to undergo a knee surgery ruling her out for nearly two years. While she has not managed to make a comeback into the Indian team, she still continues to play for Western Railways and Mumbai in domestic tournaments.

"That surgery changed my entire life. I found it really tough to get back into the Indian team because the competition was so tough," Nishi said, adding that she also had no "godfather" in the hockey set-up to help her cause.

And one more secret Nisha gave out was that her partner had done a Saif Ali Khan by carving out a tattoo of her on his body.

"He has tattooed my face on the back of his shoulder. He did it during India's tour to Argentina last year. That might have pained him a lot but that's his way to express his love. It's a gift of a lifetime for me. Nothing can be bigger than this," she quipped.

Nishi also pointed out despite Shivendra being on the road for most of the time, the couple manages to stay close.

"Hockey is the first love for both of us and that is why there is a great understanding between us," Nishi said. "And yes, before every match he calls me even when he is on foreign tours," she trailed off.

Image: Nishi Chauhan

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