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Ritwik for Otters Open squash

June 23, 2010 18:32 IST

Ritwik Bhattacharya and India No. 2 Harinderpal Singh Sandhu will be the star attractions in the prestigious Otters Devotie Squash Open 2010 that will be organized and hosted by Otters Club in Mumbai from June 26 to July 3.

The tournament has already received a record number of over 700 entries and promises an action packed week of squash, which also will feature some of India's top women players and juniors with a total prize money of Rs. 12 lakh.

The men's draw also includes third seed Sandeep Jangra and No. 4 Vikas Jangra and Vikram Malhotra while the women's draw will feature top seed Saumya Karki, No. 2 Ankita Sharma, Sachika Balvani, Shria Khatri and Delhi girl Sachika Ingale.

The junior boys to watch out for are, under-19 top seed, Welsh Open champion and French Junior open semi-finalist Aditya Jagtap, former Boys U-15 British Open champion Mahesh Mangaonkar, Karm Kumar of Delhi, Deepak Mishra of Tamil Nadu and Vrishab Kotian.

The men's winner will receive Rs. 1 lakh, while the runner-up will receive Rs. 50,000.


Men: 1. Ritwik Bhattacharya, 2. Harinderpal Singh Sandhu, 3. Sandeep Jangra, 4. Vikas Jangra, 5. Vikram Malhotra, 6. Aditya Jagtap, 7. Mahesh Mangaonkar, 8. Manish Chotrani.

Women: 1. Saumya Karki, 2. Ankita Sharma, 3. Sachika Balvani, 4. Shria Khatri, 5. Sachika Ingale.

Boys Under-19: 1- Aditya Jagtap, 2. Mahesh Mangaonkar, 3. Karm Kumar, 4. Vrishab Koitan, 5. Deepak Mishra, 6. Pranay Merchant, 7. Tushar Kothari, 8. Sakir Husain.

Girls Under-17: 1. Saumya Karki, 2. Ankita Sharma, 3. Shria Khatri, 4. Sachika Balvani, 5. Sachika Ingale, 6. Aishwarya Nambiar, 7. Nandani Agarwal, 8. Namrata Purohit.