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PIX: Supermom Sania Mirza

February 18, 2019 11:05 IST

Just four months after giving birth, Sania Mirza, is fit and raring to go. She plans to compete at the US Open this season.

Since the birth of her son, Izhaan Mirza-Malik, her comeback to the tennis world will be inspiring.

Izhaan was born on October 30, a fortnight before his mum's 32nd birthday.

She is already juggling work and family life as she shows us on social media. For now, she is happy with motherhood.

Enjoy these pictures of the supermom with super style.

Sania Mirza

My little cupcake my valentine forever#izhaanmirzamalik. All Photographs Courtesy: Sania Mirza/Twitter
Sania Mirza
Lazy boying with my lazy boy Ps- look who found the camera again #Sundaycuddles #Izhaan
Sania Mirza
I’ve known love in its purest form through My boy Ps- he loves the camera #izhaanmirzamalik #Allhamdulillah
Sania Mirza
This past year I have so much to be thankful for my greatest gift Izhaan. Ps- this coming year I don’t wanna sleep like a baby - just want to sleep like@realshoaibmalik
Sania Mirza

Never thought I’d find leaving home so difficult... After a hard day at work and away from Izhaan... this is all I want to come back to

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