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Is she 'masculine'?

August 04, 2015 09:23 IST

Ronda Rousey

UFC women's champion and actress Ronda Rousey. Photograph: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

American martial artist Ronda Rousey, who is being massively trolled and called ‘masculine’, has thrashed her body shamers by stating that it's because of her job that she ought to keep her body strong.

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) champion Rousey recently won the women's bantamweight title by knocking out her opponent, Bethe Correia, in 34 seconds.

Ronda Rousey

The United States' Ronda Rousey (left) fights Brazil's Bethe Correia in their bantamweight title fight. Photograph: Matthew Stockman/Getty Images

The defending champion maintained her dominance as the only female bantamweight champion in the UFC with a 12-0 record.

The 28-year-old professional fighter found her trolls ‘hilarious’ and stated in a recent interview that her body isn't masculine, it's just rightly structured and is strong enough to knock out her competitors in the ring.

Rather calling it ‘muscly’ it's better to call it ‘femininely badass as f***ing’, she added.

Ronda Rousey


Her unabashed confidence makes her a polarizing figure in the male-dominated world of sports.

The Furious 7 actress, who is also compared with Mike Tyson due to her dominance in ring, was supported by Tyson himself who said, 'She has that killer aura, meaning anything is capable of happening. Whoa! That's exciting before the fight even starts. I think of myself when I watch her.'

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