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Rediff News  All News  » Sports » India's tally swells by 56 medals in weightlifting

India's tally swells by 56 medals in weightlifting

October 13, 2011 17:36 IST

India added a whopping 56 medals, including 17 gold, on the third day of the Commonwealth (Youth, Junior and Senior) Weightlifting Championships in Cape Town, South Africa to swell their medal tally to 89, on Thursday.

Yukar Sibi won three gold in junior men's 62kg with a total lift of 264kg (116+148). Jagdish and Neeraj Sharma also won three gold each in 69kg and 77kg events of the youth competition with total lifts of 234kg (104+130) and 276kg (125+151).

In the senior competition, Rustam Sarang won two gold and a silver in 62kg with a total lift of 268kg (120+148).

In each weight category, three medals are awarded in each of snatch, clean and jerk, and total lift.


62kg Senior Men: Rustam Sarang (120+148)=268 (2 Gold, 1 Silver); Yukar Sibi: (116+148)=264 (1 Gold, 2 Silver)

69kg Senior Men: Pasam Rambabu (120+151)=271kg (2 Silver)

77kg Senior Men: Gaurv Dubey (127+170)=297 (2 Silver, 1 Bronze)

58kg Senior Women: Sunibala Devi (79+102)=181 (3 Bronze)

63kg Senior Women: Poireinganbi Chanu (78+100)=178kg (3 Silver)

62kg Junior Men: Yukar Sibi (116+148)=264kg (3 Gold)

69kg Junior Men: Papul Changmai (118+145)=263 (3 Bronze)

77kg Junior Men: Vikas Thakur (120+156)=276kg (3 Silver)

58kg Junior Women: Sumanbala Devi (73+98)=171 (3 Silver)

63kg Junior Women: G Aruna Rani (77+98)=175 (3 Silver)

63kg Junior Women: Vandana Gupta (69+86)=155 (3 Bronze)

62kg Youth Boys: Achyutananda Sahoo (102+130)=232 (2 Gold, 1 Silver); Sorom Hitlar Tagru (102+125)=227kg (1 Gold, 2 Silver)

69kg Youth Boys: Jagdish (104+130)=234kg (3 Gold); Sourav Gogoi (97+126)=223kg (3 Silver)

77kg Youth Boys: Neeraj Sharma (125+151)=276kg (3 Gold)

58kg Youth Girls: Takio Yana (65+86)=151 (3 Silver)

63kg Youth Girls: Subhasmita Mohanty (60+72)=132kg (2 Gold, 1 Silver).


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