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Rediff News  All News  » Sports » Video Diary: When Messi wore a good luck charm gifted by a journo

Video Diary: When Messi wore a good luck charm gifted by a journo

June 28, 2018 17:22 IST

Lionel Messi

IMAGE: Lionel Messi. Photograph: Gabriel Rossi/Getty Images

This is one video that is breaking the internet for all the right reasons. It shows Lionel Messi’s a real sweet heart.

After the match between Argentina and Iceland, an Argentine journalist hands over to Messi a red ribbon at a post-match press briefing.

“My mom told me to give you this. My mom loves you more than she loves me,” says the journo is Spanish, that has Messi breaking into a smile.

Watch the video below. Video: Kind courtesy, MascheranoStats/Twitter


He goes on to add: “I carry her red ribbon for good luck. If you want it, I can give it to you. It’s from my mom, so keep it safe because you’re kind of jinxed now.”

The video then shows another post-match briefing after the Argentina-Nigeria match on Tuesday, the match in which Messi scored the first goal before Marcos Rojo pumped in the late winner to see Argentina progress to the last 16.

The said journalist tells Messi: ‘I don’t know if you remember but my mother gave you a ribbon.”

Messi interrupts him and shows him his left leg which had the ribbon tied around it, before saying: “Look at this.”

“No way, no way,” says the reporter, before asking: Did you score the goal with that leg?”

The reporter then turns to the camera and says: ‘Mom, Messi wore it.!”.

'Brother, now you're Mexican!:' Soccer fans chant outside Korea embassy

Hundreds of Mexico soccer fans danced and cheered outside the South Korean embassy in Mexico City on Wednesday, grateful after the Asian country's victory over Germany guaranteed the national team a spot in the knock-out stages of the World Cup.

After Sweden beat Mexico 3-0 on Wednesday, Mexican fans turned their support to South Korea, fearful that a victory by Germany would send their players home.

South Korea stunned the world by defeating Germany 2-0 with two goals in the final minutes of the game, ensuring the former world champions were eliminated and allowing Mexico to finish the group in second place.

South Korea itself was eliminated.

Byoung-yin Han, consul general at the embassy, said,

"There's no distinction between Mexicans and Koreans today."

He said Mexican staff at the embassy were crying with joy.

Hundreds of fans celebrated outside the embassy in the upmarket neighborhood of Lomas de Chapultepec, waving flags of both countries, donning sombreros and quaffing tequila.

A Korean member of the diplomatic staff was raised onto the shoulders of the crowd, which shouted "Korean, brother, now you're Mexican."

The fans also led what appeared to be an embassy official in a chorus of "Cielito Lindo," Mexico's unofficial soccer anthem.

Celebrations spread to the historic center of the capital, where World Cup games are being shown on giant screens. Mexican fans mobbed Asian tourists, and TV footage showed one laughing Asian man being flung into the air and caught by the crowd.

Memes spread across social media, including one of the Mexican and Korean flags combined as one.

"Maybe it is not the best way of getting through, but we're through. We are very grateful," said Pablo Gonzalez, 45.