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Djokovic not as smooth on romantic dates as on tennis court...

January 13, 2016 13:06 IST

It seems Novak Djokovic's moves with the ladies are not as perfect as the moves with his tennis.

 Novak Djokovic with his wife Jelena on their wedding dayIn an honest admission, the Serbian tennis star revealed that he made a rookie error on his first date with now-wife Jelena Djokovic.

In a new commercial for an Australian wine brand, Djokovic revealed how his attempt to impress Jelena was derailed by his immaturity and ignorance.

Almost 10 years ago, Djokovic took his lady to a sports bar for their first date and, knowing what a fan of steak she was, promptly ordered the steak tartare on her behalf. The only problem was, he had no idea steak tartare was actually raw beef -- a completely inedible prospect for both of them.

Even after all these, the move was taken positively, resulting to the marriage of the 28-year-old tennis star and his lady love on July 2014.

The couple has a 15-month-old baby boy Stefan.

Image: Novak Djokovic kisses his wife Jelena Ristic on their wedding day

Photograph: Jelena Ristic/Facebook