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I'm confident of winning an Olympic medal as well: Ashwini

December 08, 2010 14:29 IST

Ashwini Chidananda had set the tracks on fire at the recently concluded Asian Games in Guangzhou, China.

With her sensational burst of speed, she won two gold medals for India, but during all this little did she realize that her big strides were taking her to new heights in life.

Ashwini first cruised past her opponents in the women's 400 metres hurdles and then she teamed up with Menjeet Kaur, Mandeep Kaur and Sini Jose to pocket yet another gold for India.

She clocked a personal best 56.15sec in the 400m hurdles, to become only the third Indian to win the event. Prior to the Asian games it was this very same relay team, which had won gold at the Delhi Commonwealth Games.

The latest sprint queen of India was on Rediff Chat, on December 6 to share her experiences.


samarjeet asked, Hi Ashwini, first of all many congrats 2 u...Just one ques 2 u , dont u feel disappointed seeing the facility given to cricketers compared to other sports. To be honest, I do feel so.
Ashwini Chidananda answers, at 2010-12-06 14:07:57Yes, I do feel disappointed. But I do look forward to better days for the athletes who strive hard on individual level for the country.

Sanjay asked, Our standard of infra in sports is sufficient to WIN gold in World class events (Like world championship and Olympic events)?
Ashwini Chidananda answers, Not yet!

krm asked, hi ashwini, in your experience what are the facilities/resources that can help Indian athletes produce better performances?
Ashwini Chidananda answers, Encouragement, More hostel infrastructure (hostel,etc), Job options, and lots of encouragement for the sports culture in our country...

umesh asked, i have a 2 year old daughter. i want her to be like you. please suggest how she should proceed.
Ashwini Chidananda answers, Home being first school for any child, start it at home.. start now and follow it up with playing even when she starts school.

prashant_chg asked, you won 4*400 relay gold in 3:29 but to win olympic gold it should be around 3:12 will your team be able to do this

Ashwini Chidananda answers, Yes, I am confident and I strive to.

Ashwini ChidanandaRanjan asked, Hi Ashwini, Congrats......... ALL THE BEST FOR THE OLYMPICS
Ashwini Chidananda answers, thank you Ranjan

barath asked, Are you planning on running IAAF meets in Europe etc to get exposure to international level competition in 400m hurdles ?
Ashwini Chidananda answers, I will definitely do, given the chance.

siju asked, what is the main motivational aspect behind these consecutive wins?
Ashwini Chidananda answers, My family and my coaches

Raghu asked, we are very proud with your acheivement please suggest Indian government how can we become no.1 or atleast no.2 in Asian Games thank you
Ashwini Chidananda answers, Unity and responsibility is the only Mantra.

SprintAspirant asked, Congratulations! You made us all Proud! I'm an aspiring Sprinter...What according to you are the A-B-Cs of Sprinting ?
Ashwini Chidananda answers, Work Hard!

BharatShetty asked, Hope an Athletic academy is required for which the NRI Consortiums /govt will fund.. Speak about this with Mr. Kirshna Palemar once.... He will help u to get to start with it.
Ashwini Chidananda answers, Very good initiative. All the best.

chetan asked, Hi Ashwini, congrats on your great achievement, you have made us proud. What do you think is different at the international level, in terms of facilities and diet for top Athletes? Is the government support enough?
Ashwini Chidananda answers, Lot of differences.

Chinmay_hn2004 asked, HI Ashwini Hartley congratulates, For Getting And bringing Gold,proud to be Indian. My Questions is here Did u get any benefits from state or central government,Like price money or Permanently solutions , Why i am asking if you don't get this benefits please fight with Government ,its not just for you this is For the Future players so that they are not Scared to for the Future for participating in Athletics.

Ashwini Chidananda answers, On winning the CWG & Asiad, President, Prime Ministers, and the Railway Ministers have met up in detail appreciating our effort, hardwork and dedication which is a major motivation to me personally. What matters at this time is that we as a country have Gold in our kitty and all of us including you recognise my this contribution.

vishu asked, WHO IS YOUR IDOL?
Ashwini Chidananda answers, PT Usha, Ashwini Nachappa, Roza Kutti have been the stars in athletics. I always look upto their performances & records...

juliuscaesar1001 asked, Hi Ashwini, I'm proud of what u have done for our country. What is your next goal?
Ashwini Chidananda answers, I am looking forward to olympics in London 2012.

Kiran V asked, your wikipedia page says, u r kannada speaking bunt, is that true ?Ashiwini
Ashwini Chidananda answers, Yes, I am a bunt and i speak both Kannada and Tulu.

Ashwini Chidananda says, On 4th December 2010, we were invited by the President of Idnia Smt. Pratibha Devisingh Patil. During the deliberations, the President has promised to provide better facilities required by us for achieving better excellence in Sports, particularly in view of the forthcoming Olympic Games in UK in 2012 . The President was very pleased with our performance and it was a privilege to interact with her in person, particularly as she held my Gold Medals to have a close look at them.

Ashwini Chidananda answers, Yuri, R S Siddhu & Ramesh N have been coaching me through thick and thin. Yuri & Ramesh have trained me for the hurdles which I have started only over the past half a year....

omkarlagoo asked, Hi Ashwini, congrats on your achievement. You have a good height and your strides while running are excellent. You have 3-4 seconds to cover up to win a 400 Hurdles olympic win and I really think you can do it with your commitment.
Ashwini Chidananda answers, Thank for your confidence in me. I look forward to living this confidence.

venkatesh asked, congratualtions on your victory in Asiad. How are you planning your training for Olympics 2012

Ashwini Chidananda answers, I will work with the same dedication, sincereity and dedication that i have put in during the CWG & Asiad... I will only increase the gravity of the same for the upcoming Olympics 2012.

race asked, how many hours you practised and in any of practise session u thought of wining glory to country.
Ashwini Chidananda answers, On an average i spend about 5 + hours in training.. And, the training is the foundation that i was building to achieve my goal.... THE GOAL TO WIN!!!

karthikk asked, what is your diet style for your fitness??
Ashwini Chidananda answers, Training is my diet. I practice 5 + hours each day... and that keeps my spirits high.

kkk23 asked, Do you think the Government should arrange for your training under an expert coach from a Foreign country like USA, UK or France? You should also train outside the country as you are a great talent.
Ashwini Chidananda answers, I am proud to have a coach like Yuri( from Ukraine), Ramesh & R S Siddhu. Their training is fantastic, they know the game and coach us based on the requirement. Our focus and efforts should be to participate in more competitions, especially international.

milind asked, Ashwini,do you feel there is no sexual harrasement to lady athletes?Whats ur experience?
Ashwini Chidananda answers, I have NO such experiences at all.

Ashwini Chidananda answers, I am going to be participating in Olympics 2012.

priyan asked, How is Yuri.. Has he won any medals in his career..
Ashwini Chidananda answers, Hi Priyan, He wins Gold everytime his trained athletes win gold. He is superb in training. He is NOT A ATHLETE.

sachin asked, Hi, I wish that you get good tv advertisement and beat the cricketers on this front too. For me, one gold in Atheletics is equal to reaching in finals of cricket world cup. Great work done. Salute to you.
Ashwini Chidananda answers, Only 15 countries have cricket teams playing. The whole world plays for the athletics...

sachin asked, Hi, I wish that you get good tv advertisement and beat the cricketers on this front too. For me, one gold in Atheletics is equal to reaching in finals of cricket world cup. Great work done. Salute to you.
Ashwini Chidananda answers, Thank You. in Asia 42 countries have athlete running for Gold. Howver, only 4 countries in Asia have Cricket Teams runningfor World Cup. My goal is to compete against the larger number.

omkarlagoo asked, I was runner who left running and became a engineer. After seeing you I really think you are kind of Usain bolt (Women for India). And we as Indians have a lot of expectations out of you.Just Try your best. Complete India wishes are with you. Just wanted to ask you do you have the right kind of sponsorships and Coaching to go to the next level and Can we expect you in World Athletics meet. Are you also going to Focus on only 400 Hurdles now.
Ashwini Chidananda answers, I am going to concentrate on 400 & 400 meter hurdles.

Ashwini Chidananda says, Once i was participating in a game event and i was a little nervous. So i was thinking i should only concentrate on the game, without thinking of the final result. As they say(Murphy's law) - if something has to go wrong, it will.

Ashwini Chidananda says, On 30th of November 2010, when i was landed in Bajpe Airport was an experience of a lifetime. As I stepped out I could see my Pappa and Amma standing at the gate. Behind them were endless number of people (including family, friends and people from my soil) cheering for me. Mom and Dad had tears of Joy in their eyes. My sister was there to share my happiness.... There were numerous cars, bikes and other vehicles who had gathered to take me home....

Ashwini Chidananda says, I was driven home under heavy Police Protection and I felt like a Princess. I am thankful all of you for being here and for asking me questions. I wish i had more time... But i gotta go for my training...Thank You to each one of you and Good Bye for the time being...... And, thank you rediff for connectin' me to the Sports Lovers....